Random vlog video games FGC why I don’t care about tournaments…

Random vlog before I go to bed that will go into my next more real vlog. That will come when ever I just work up the will to do it… Just doing a video game one because of all the messages lately about games again and since well ive played a bit recently as well…

Anyway theres lots of shady FGC stories I could tell but point is, I like games more than I like the community. And I dont even like games that much anymore. So thats why I try to associate with people in it very rarely. You know theres lots of people that all they talk about is how much they hate this game or they hate this and that, and then yet I still hear about them going to every tournament just to lose, just to complain. Well when I said I was gonna quit. I did. Didnt want to be one of those people that ended up hating something but kept coming back. So I decided I can randomly play video games by myself online, or randomly at a friends and I dont have to be by the people that make it unfun. And im fine with that.


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  1. @ABoffman Why did you delete your comment you piece of shit. You tried to call me out and make some bullshit. I proved you wrong so you delete your comment? Well im gonna post here again cuz I dont give a fuck I hope I see you in the hospital with me very soon asshole. Lets see you deal with some of the health stuff I go through. Trying to act like I made shit up, I prove you wrong so you delete your comment. Sorry I dont forget or forgive assholes, you deserve to go through all the health stuff ive been through as far as im concerned.

  2. Lmao this is the best part of dbfz! You really went above and beyond. Enjoy the game. I'm one of those dudes that talks shit and you just gotta not let it get to you. Everyone gets frustrated because fighting games are difficult

  3. That sucks man, I get why you just said fuck this shit. But it would be so hype to have a Clayton mystery come back where you just randomly show up and run through 1 tournament, win and just disappear lol

  4. Damn, Clayton. I'm sorry to hear about your early tournament experiences. I can only imagine that on top of being sick, everything added to you not wanting to be in tournaments nowadays and I dont blame you. As someone who rarely gets the opportunity to go to tournaments, I can only say that my experiences have been hit or miss and it can be because times and venues change. Also, it depends on what community you are hanging out with because some are very toxic.Tekken not so much thankfully. Tournament settings, I will say can very stressful and can easily fatigue even a seasoned vet so it's not easy to endire long sessions. Considering your condition, it would definitely put a strain on you so if I knew you personally, I'd tell you to stay home or just watch and support as a friend. Even give pointers and show off your tech. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this inside info with us as well the character tech vids for DBFZ. Very much appreciated and you deserve all the credit for pushing the limit on the characters and their capability. I send people to your vids to get ideaa despite having the execution and it helps their game. 🙂
    Rest up, bro. Screw the haters.
    -Melendez (FDK)

  5. Very interesting video man, would love to hear more stories like this one. Good, bad what ever you feel like telling.
    Just had lymphoma all threw 2016 and fucked me out of the gym for awhile. although I secretly kept going anyway trying to be a "bad ass" and started training for a powerlifting meet. Towards the end of chemo I was set to hit 450 for as many reps as I could get one training day and my back just finally had enough. The white blood cell booster shots were steadily fucking my back up more and I just kept going long story short ive got a damaged disc and trying to rebuild everything after a year off of lifting.
    Hopefully your scans come back clear, chemo and radiation are a bitch. Best of luck brother ill continue watching if you keep posting.

  6. Dude I hope you get better you do not deserve any of the shit that has happened to you. All those other shit talkers and retard kids that think they have to do some retarded immoral shit to be popular was dumb and I praise you for keeping you head up and doing the right thing. Get better man you are an inspiration.

  7. I think the fgc has more assholes than normal but people really just suck ass these days in general. For instance, the normal person would rather make you miss your turn and cut you off from merging lanes just so they can get to their destinations 0.000001 seconds faster.

    When you're suffering from horrible chronic illnesses and diseases life is already shitty enough. Being treated like crap in midst of them is like the biggest slap to the face. It's hard to imagine what it's like…many people like to make fun of diseases rather than empathize with someone's near constant and sometimes debilitating suffering. There's a big difference from having hard enough skin to brace the cruelty of life and going out of your way to be a piece of shit human. They're making the world suck more for everyone

  8. Not gonna lie when I first saw you I had the same stereotypical reaction as others, never would have imagined the health issues and experience, but that's always it, like you said we naturally perceive everything at face value… and well suffice to say your story really made me look inwards and realize how shitty it was of me to even think or assume anything. Thank you for that, genuinely.

  9. Sorry to hear about how the FGC has treated you, it can definitely be a shit experience and it's better to remove yourself from a toxic environment. When was the last time you entered a tourney?

  10. It's a shame that you had such a shitty experience with the FGC and it's perfectly valid to not want to associated with the community anymore after that. You can definitely meet some nice people in the FGC but that's understandable to not want to put up with the bullshit you have to go through first. What I'll say though is to not give people who talk shit about you any time of the day, I know it sucks and it's dumb but some people will just hate you for the most insignificant reasons, saying that they hate you just for living would hardly be an exageration. There's nothing they'd love more than to get a reaction out of you, don't give them this pleasure and leave them in their hate circlejerk, only people who are hungry for drama and don't care about who you are will listen to them seriously instead of listening to you (that doesn't apply to idiots who steal your stuff though, definitely do pay attention to that). Besides people who will see your response to them can easily take it the wrong way without context, it can easily become a vicious circle.
    Just keep doing and posting cool combos, paying attention and talking with people who care and are interested. Also now I know you played Street Fighter back in the day and now you're playing DBFZ, any other fighting games you were or are interested in ?

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