The State of Star Wars Video Games – Thinking Out Loud

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22 thoughts on “The State of Star Wars Video Games – Thinking Out Loud”

  1. you say do we really want some of the better games in the IP to be remade or reinvented, yes we do.
    and the only innovation so far is VR. VR is too expensive to be mainstream. not just the headset but a console or pc to go with it then buying the game etc.

    other than that there have been no innovations in games except for ways to make more money.

  2. Yes, why so shy… Is it really soo difficult to make something new? there are so many cool things you could do, and don't tell me that DISNEY does not have enough money. Don't always make games for the basic SW fan, I would love a SW game with a giant galaxy where you could choose a side and play with your friends and maybe even have your own venator or providence where you can live on and fight battles. Imagine jumping into an arc 170 pulling away while your team mates use the turbolaser s and navigate the venator… dreams

  3. I honestly don't care what they do with the Star Wars license. Disney managed to do what seemed impossible: to ruin Star Wars for me. The truth is that since Disney bought Lucasfilm we haven't got ANYTHING that would be worth anything without our nostalgic love to the franchise. Games have been shit. Both Battlefronts sucked. The films sucked. Rebels tv-show is stupid.

    To me Star Wars is 6-part saga of Skywalker. New films have nothing to do with it.

  4. Anyone remember the days of Jedi Knight II, Jedi Academy, Battlefront, Battlefront II, KOTOR, KOTOR II, Republic Commando, Empire at War, etc. The 7th console generation has killed the video game industry, every bad practice in the industry started then.

  5. That's one thing that I miss about George Lucas, everyone who worked in his company had the freedom to be creative and make whatever they want in novels, video games, and comic books, he didn't care if they didn't line up perfectly with his movies, he just wanted everyone to have fun and expand his universe

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