Top 10 Best Super Hero Video Games

Top 10 Best Super Hero Video Games
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10. X Men Origins- Wolverine
9. Deadpool
8. Viewtiful Joe
7. Saints Row 4
6. The Wonderful 101
5. Earthworm Jim
4. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
3. Marvel vs Capcom 2
2. Spider-Man 2
1. Batman: Arkham City

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45 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Super Hero Video Games”

  1. Top 10 Superhero Games

    10.Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
    9.X-Men Legends
    8.Justice League heroes
    7.Ultimate Spider-Man Batman
    4.Batman Arkham Knight
    3.Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    2.Batman Arkham Asylum
    1.Batman Arkham City

  2. Yo injustice should’ve been on this list. It is a great game series and has good stories. Injustice comics was also way better than marvels secret empire (which was very shity). Curse the writers for not putting it on this list. Give me their names so we can go in on them

  3. Saints row 4 is a good game. The story is great the character becomes President then the crew gets kidnapped by aliens. Basically you have to escape save your crew and destroy zinyak. Top ten trends you own saints rows 4 an apology. #Saints row 4 is a real video game.

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