Top 10 Games That Should Get the PUBG Treatment!

Top 10 Games That Should Get the PUBG Treatment!
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It’s time for a Battle Royale between all the games that should get the Battle Royale treatment! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Games That Need the PUBG Treatment!

#10. “Far Cry” Series (2004)
#9. “Metal Gear” Series (1987)
#8. “Star Wars Battlefront” Series (2004)
#7. “Ghost Recon” Series (2001)
#6. “Red Dead” Series (2004)
#5. “Just Cause” Series (2006)
#4. “Halo” Series (2001)
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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37 thoughts on “Top 10 Games That Should Get the PUBG Treatment!”

  1. None of these games should have a Battle Royale mode…games should just stay the way they kinda are and stick to there roots….I mean like leave battle Royale to the games that already have them….not every game needs battle Royale

  2. Zombie modes and battle Royale game modes are so over done now a days . It's annoying how every game is turning into these and they don't even do a good job with it . PubG is enough .

  3. I do not agree with any of these games taking the battle royale route. PUBG and Fortnite are in a category of their own. Of course they would want other games to be like PUBG…look how much they had profit from it.

  4. While not Ghost Recon, Tom Clany's the Division does have a Battle Royal mode they call survival mode. Which blends the Battle Royal with survival mechanics during a blizzard and a bit of PVE as NPCs are also on the map. In fact this mode has existed for a while (since the second update I believe) and I can't believe you came up with this list without knowing of it's existence.

  5. They’re literally all shooters with the exception of Skyrim, no originality.
    What about something like prototype where every player spawns with an ability and when you absorb another player you gain the ability they spawned with in addition to your own.

  6. Imagine halo odst battle royal, shit will be epic. Pick a location and your drop pod will drop there. Droppod crates and even enemy a.i scatter throughout the map like warzone but ffa battle royale.

  7. every game doesnt need royale now that PUBG made it popular. Like Metal Gear? Stfu. Let's pick any "popular" series we can think of and say it needs Royale. Seriously goddamn what is up with this list?

  8. Are there any battle royale games where there is no time limit or closing circle of death (which quite frankly, I think is stupid)? I want to be able to take my time when playing this game style, I don't like fighting fast-paced, I like realism.

  9. 10. Far Cry? Sounds fun as shit
    9. Metal Gear, no that is a stealth game and that would be everyone trying to hide and not fight
    8. Maybe starwars, but then again not really gonna work
    7. Alright yep, Ghose Recon would be very nive
    6. Red Dead, maybe but it would be good in some ways
    5. Just Cause! YES YES 100%
    4. Well Halo HAS had custom games similar to battle royal games, but it could be made fucking amazingly made with a Battle Royal style, say as ODSTs dropping from Orbit
    3. No, not Fallout, same as MG it just doesn't work right
    2. Eh? Not really. Battle Royal you find shit to kill people, this doesn't work since MAGIC
    1. The Division, yep I see it

  10. The Division was stupid at #1. I would love to see The Last of Us 2 have a battle royale mode. Just take the multiplayer but make the map a lot bigger. It would really suit the game because its a post-apocalypse. You wouldnt have to just watch out for players but for Runners, Stalkers and Clickers. You have to find weapons and materials and items to craft equipment like explosives and medkits. And you can set traps on players and lure the infected into the area!! Oh just thinking about makes me want Naughty Dog to implement it really badly. If any company can do it right, its Naughty Dog

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