Why Loot Boxes Are Ruining Video Games

Loot boxes are destroying video games as we speak.
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29 thoughts on “Why Loot Boxes Are Ruining Video Games”

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  2. I like skins and costumes and people only buy crates for that and instead get crappy emblems and pistol grips that nobody sees, everyone likes cool outfits in games but it BS that people buy it.

  3. I've been saying this for a few years. Since how it was being used in Borderlands. Forcing the player to become obesessed with trying to find the next loot box or crate rather focusing on the gameplay.

  4. I think loot boxes are a smart business strategy, to be honest. And they're essentially just virtual baseball cards or, if not just cosmetic, Pokemon cards. Besides, would you pay more than $60 for a game, or have the decision to get cooler stuff? Seriously, without loot boxes, we would have games that start off as low as about $90. Maybe even more.

  5. I wrote to EA about loot boxes and they defend the games who has loot boxies , , and now activation is folling…. its in the wwe2k18 … .. really Hello Terry,

    Thank you for contacting 2K Support.

    I'm sorry to hear you are upset about the implication of loot boxes in the game and your view of it being gambling. Please know that we’ve gathered your suggestion and will be forwarding them to the development team!

    Though we can’t promise these changes will appear in game, we really appreciate you sending them in. Thanks to dedicated and passionate players like you, we’re able to keep improving our game with each passing year.

    If you’d like to send us any other notes on your experience, please do not hesitate to contact us again as it would be our pleasure to hear from you!


    David S.
    2K Support

  6. I think I bought one pack in FIFA Ultimate team and felt slighted yet it stirred in me a desire to buy several packs to see if I can get something worthwhile. By principle I won't allow myself to go to a slot machine yet I discovered in me a tendency to develop an addiction to gambling through these packs. If it's possible to develop unhealthy behavior it should be scrutiniz

  7. Soon as a game has advantageous loot box for cash system I don't look at it. League of Legends is a great example of a game doing it right. Free to Play with cosmetic only purchases. They are huge from that alone. I no longer play league but I always thought it was a fair system.

  8. I like the new cod but it is a blatant artificial grind to sell loot crates. Remember when you could buy any item and most importantly the items you actually want with in game money from a bearded seller well those days are long gone. Now devs are just greedy

  9. Lootboxes also make people not buy older games, because who wants to get their butt kicked over and over until you grind or pay to be on equal ground. The skill in gaming is gone with lootboxes and cheaters running rampant.

  10. 8:20 – with all due respect, saying that loot boxes are bad because a small percent of the population have a gambling addiction is a weak arguement. A majority of players should not be punished because a select few can't control their additive tendencies when it comes to gambling. Personal responsibility is a real thing and people must be accountable for their own actions.

  11. Spent some time reading CoDWW2 terms and conditions basic summery:
    •Micro transactions offer no rights, ownership or value
    •Points to redeem boxes are non refundable immediately
    •your account, your progress is property of the company, you have no rights
    •the entire system can be changed removed or suspend anyone at any time for no reason
    •we need regulation and consumer rights

  12. The simple fix is for the ESRB to start labelling any game with lootboxes as Ao. No need for government intervention, no need for legal BS, no need for taking away player freedom when they might want to actually play a game with lootbox progression (yes theres are some out there who enjoy the lootbox system). Simply put it in line with the gambling it mimics

  13. That's why ppl who think not paying MTX and loot boxes means it doesn't affect them are wrong. Publishers WILL and already have changed the gameplay for the worse; increasing the grind; making it harder or more boring; all just to make ppl buy loot boxes. So not buying them does nothing but ensure that our games will just get worse…

  14. First off it's a bad idea to call loot boxes gambling, maybe​ they are but you give those that would ruin our hobby more power by doing so, after all if games lead to gambling than they must also lead to violence.
    Second the problem is micro transactions not loot boxes
    Third card game booster packs are the real life version of the loot box and if we consider loot boxes as gambling than all those Pokemon card packs are also now gambling
    Loot boxes can be good and have been done well but their for only a few games and modern micro transactions are the problem

  15. @Downward Thrust
    Do you believe that there is a possibility that a Paying Component might be last added to an already done just grinding system of a game's progression.
    Making it just an add-on ?

  16. Just stay away the games with loot boxes, they are traps! 100% trap! repetition is suck!
    stop if the lootboxes affect ur game progression or joy!
    Warframe is the best i could play free and not affect any game play. I willing to give them support by buying prime access for few times

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