47 thoughts on “10 More Games That Mock You For Playing On Easy Mode”

  1. well I have 1 game, but I can't say it's name here cue ……. ahm nvm, and telling you at the start " I can't belive you playing at easy mode" and do not let you inter the last dungeon "well YOU ARE the one who choose to play at easy mode" which will lock you at the bad ending 4 sure!

  2. On easy mode, castlevania for the 64 ends right at the part where the game gets awesome. But you have already had to endure half of the game, including the dreaded magic nitro puzzle, which is horrendously difficult, even on easy.
    It then tells you to restart on a more difficult setting to unlock the second half of the game.

  3. The skit in the middle of the vid was 1 of the stupidest things I have ever seen in a game review. Leave the jokes for the professionals (real comedians) and just stick to reviewing games.

  4. From a slightly different perspective: I myself am a disabled gamer with motor issues that often make gaming really difficult, so I appreciate having adjustable difficulty in games. And if you don't want to put an easy mode in your game, then that's cool, but why bother making one just for the sake of pettiness? It would have been easier and less time-consuming to just leave it out. And honestly, what is it taking away from your gaming experience if other people play on easy? Just let everyone play how they want to.

  5. Im not a *Casual*, im a hardcore. i completed Cuphead on regular, and now im going to complete it on Expert… can i say that this game is hard as hell? and i think i died 1000 times aleardy.

  6. what about cuphead? in cuphead, if u go into simple mode u are not able to beat the game. i know cup head came after both of the videos u made,but if u make another one put cuphead in it. ynwim? you know what i mean?

  7. Personally, I almost never pick easy mode on video games, always playing on normal or harder looking for a challenge.

    But I admit that easy mode is needed, it helps those that are bad at gaming to get good, allowing them to start at somewhere.

    One of my favourite easy modes is the one from the fighting game Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, it allows newbies to do combos and special moves just by pressing random buttons, making them feel like they're doing something and allows them to fight against pros.
    I loved it because it made me able to play against my siblings and cousins in fair and cool matches without me stomping them too hard to make them rage quit. Amazing job by Arc Sys Works.

  8. Apparently Cuphead won't let you finish the game if you play easy mode in that the bosses don't drop the soul contracts
    And the game is apparently hard as hell
    And that's why I probably won't be playing cuphead anytime soon

  9. They need to add in for Valkyrie Profile:
    The real ending being close to impossible to achieve when playing blind because you need to fulfill certain requirements in various chapter and modify Lenneth's rating to a certain point.
    Likewise, it requires a specific character, a specific requirement you need to do with him and go to a specific place.
    Mind you, there is a time limit in Valkyrie Profile counting down to Ragnarok,so you cannot even try to find all you need to do without knowing the where and how.
    Wasting time is a no go in that game as you need to train your units and satisfy Odin by sending Units to Valhalla to fight or else, you lose the game. If you do that but still waste time by disobeying instruction, you get wrecked by Freya in a battle you cant win as punishment for you failing your mission. And they want you to train your units in very specific ways cause Odin demands it.
    Apart from that, you can get tricked into fighting bosses you should not even fight who can curbstomp your ass.
    Playing this on hard is super fun but also very challenging because
    A: Every character starts on level 1 even if you get them late in the game where even your well trained characters have a hard time.
    B: All dungeons are open but are either mazes capable of taking hours to complete and can harbor powerful bosses. Payout is immense though in return with divine artifacts that once belonged to the gods themselves. You can keep them but it lower your rating while returning them increases it.
    C: Caves of Oblivion are special dungeons which are always randomly generated. No guarantee for high quality treasure at all even if any at all and can be infested by super enemies even in chapter 1. Even the cave layout changes and you also have no map to navigate in.

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