Video Games Live: LEVEL 6 Kickstarter – To Zanarkand rough demo

Here is a rough computerized MIDI orchestra demo from 3 sections of the “To Zanarkand” arrangement. We did an online opinion poll on our social media a few months ago asking which Final Fantasy song (that we don’t already have in the show) would you want to hear. “To Zanarkand” was the big favorite and we figured if we’re going to put it into the show, that we may as well add it to LEVEL 6 as well! To Zanarkand will be a part of our setlist starting with our Florida & Canada tour next month!

Hope you like it! Still rough… but we’re excited so far!


One thought on “Video Games Live: LEVEL 6 Kickstarter – To Zanarkand rough demo”

  1. Oh wow! I can't wait to hear the full and final version! I've heard this piece from so many different orchestras, but It's such a beautiful piece, and I can't wait to see what all of what you do with it to make it different!

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