Crazy Ways People Are Cheating In Video Games

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Since the moment the human race started playing games, we’ve had cheaters, and video games are no different. Whether it’s using simple life-hacks, or actual, literal hacks, gamers have found all sorts of innovative ways to bend the rules. Here’s a look at some super creative ways people have cheated in video games…

The red dot | 0:17
Breaking the world | 0:40
Fearing the Reaper | 1:18
Sword-flying | 2:01
Buckethead | 2:24
The Rainbow Road | 2:54

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13 thoughts on “Crazy Ways People Are Cheating In Video Games”

  1. The question is should cheating be allowed in video games? And if so does it really take the fun out of it? Yes and no depending on what game you're playing. Now not too long ago I started my own channel I got a couple gameplay videos on there, some are PlayStation 4 games others are retro games from Nintendo and Super Nintendo. I've beaten all those games at one time or another And many more. I never use a cheat device, I never use the game genie to beat the games but after I beat it I went and got a Game Genie and I played them and to me I felt like they were a lot more fun playing it that way I mean it was fun beating it without one but it was just more enjoyable in my opinion. Also I felt that it was cheaper because if you have played any of the games back in the day or any of these recent games, you will see how frustrating it is to beat and I'm pretty sure that many people on YouTube have been known to break a controller or two just trying to get a game complete it. So getting the game genie was cheaper or getting any cheating device with cheaper because you would rather pay what $39.99 or maybe $49.99 toupee what $60 to $70 for controller multiple times? So in my opinion I think there is nothing wrong with cheating in video games when it's video games like that, when it's video games that you're playing by yourself. I however do think that it's wrong to cheat when you're playing online and you're trying to get on the leaderboard expressions for games like Call of Duty,Battlefield, Destiny or even OverWatch. When it comes to those games I may not be the best players but if I'm ranked 9,973 out of 10,000 people then I'm happy because I earned what I got. So yeah I believe that some games should have cheating and some shouldn't that's just my opinion.

  2. Best cheat i found out myself by accident was when i was little and played Death Track. When buying/selling weapons, you would scroll the shop, but the selected item would scroll with the selection, making it possible to be offscreen. By pressing the "sell" button, even you didnt have the weapon, it would give you the sell money. Basically making it possible to have all guns and upgrades the first time you entered the shop. Good times 😀

  3. Wow, I remember that Halo 'glitch'. Was annoying and awesome at the same time. ANDDD that Mario Kart cheat, I only discovered it, I think by accident towards the end of my time playing it, after like 1000 hours smh. And it wasnt easy to pull off

  4. While messing around with files for minecraft PE to change the gamemode before they made it something you could do easily, I somehow broke my main world I used. Portions of the map rendered different terrain for other players joining my world from what my screen showed. None of the broken areas affected me as the host, but the way they behaved for players varied. When the players walked into areas where there were no blocks on their screen, but there were on mine, the game let them go there, but they took suffocation damage, and could not understand why they were dying. Meanwhile I would appear to be flying while walking on blocks they could not see. On the other hand, I could enter areas where there were no blocks on my screen but there were for other players. I remember my friend trying to kill me, and then from his perspective I just phased into the side of a cliff. From there I shot him with arrows until he died. I hid my valuables in a portion of the map other players could not enter without dying of ghost damage, so only I could ever get them. At another point my friend tried to mine some iron and it dropped a block of bedrock. He traded it to me in exchange for peace and I used a duplication glitch to get stacks of bedrock, and trapped people in eternal prisons. Oh yeah, minecraft PE used to have a huge duplication glitch. All you had to do was have two people take an item from a chest at the same time and they would each get one. Once you had a stack of items you could duplicate the entire stack at a time. We abused the hell out of that one.

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