Cryptocurrencies Could Transform Video Games: Montecrypto/Crysis/FarCry/Beyond The Void

Today i show you how games like Montecrypto, Beyond the void and the makers of CRYENGINE (FarCry/Crysis/…) are trying to bring Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies to the gaming industry.
The games that already exist with this idea may be a step forward to future rewards for Esports.
This might become a very nice idea so that gamers could mine with their computers and gain even more in their games while supporting a blockchain.

Montecrypto Game Release 20 Feb 2018:

Beyond The Void Game:

CRYENGINE Games FarCry 5/ Crysis:

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15 thoughts on “Cryptocurrencies Could Transform Video Games: Montecrypto/Crysis/FarCry/Beyond The Void”

  1. Oh my goodnesss….. imagine if you could sell or buy in game money and items for cryptocurrencies without the fear of being banned for real world item trading… sheesh. That is so awesome.

    Which is basically what I think you're saying right? When you're done with a game youve played for a thousand hours, you could sell off all of your items and game money for cryptocurrency and then use that cryptocurrency for your new online game?

    Is that what you're getting at?

  2. Enjin Coin is the sleeping giant that only people in the know are buying. At a total market cap of a shade over 100 million it is extremely undervalued.

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