Gov. Matt Bevin points finger at violent video games, music — not guns

Gov. Matt Bevin is taking a stand on school shootings after 17 people died in a Florida school this week. It’s a societal scourge that’s top of mind for Bevin since not even a month has passed since a shooting killed two at Marshall High School in the small western Kentucky town of Benton. In a Facebook video posted Thursday night, Bevin called on producers of movies, music, television shows and video games to be part of an effort to “figure out how to try to repair this fabric of America that’s getting shredded beyond recognition.” “Our culture is crumbling from within, and the cost of it is high,” Bevin said. “All of you, we’ve got to step up. We’re the adults — let’s act like it. Let’s step forward. Let’s start a conversation.” He also made the more standard overtures to fellow governors, the president and Congress to strike up a dialogue that can prevent future school shootings.


6 thoughts on “Gov. Matt Bevin points finger at violent video games, music — not guns”

  1. It's obvious that Matt Bevin thinks that gaming caused this but apparently he has no proof that it happened via Mass Murderer.

    Plus only people with no sanity and an idiot would do it cos of a game. It's obvious that Matty has become Jacky Thompson the Second.

    I play Fucking Doom and Doom 2 (yes the 2 classic masterpieces that was In the Arcade Era) on my Xbox One and 360 and you don't see me murdering in real life. I Fucking swear!

  2. I am sorry for what about said but blaming video game, movies and music with violent contact is not the answer we should take action and make such that all school have protocol in case of school shooting, Focus on stopping bullying at school grounds and online. Enforcing stronger gun owning and back ground check for new gun owner because if we walk on the same path that we walking on now I am worried that another school shooting may happen again and we don't know where and when

  3. As any typical, dumbass KY politician/sheriff/any authority figurehead, his crosshairs are locked on the wrong target. Let's attack video games and Hollywood when the problem is RAISE YOUR GOD DAMN KIDS people and guns are too easy to get.

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