Madden 18 Ultimate League – Week 3 Games

The 2018 Madden Ultimate League is LIVE with Gameplay on Saturday February 17th starting at 5 PM EST!

Game 1 – 5 PM EST – Echo Fox Joke Vs Tweez – Problem Vs Musafa
Game 2 – 6:15 PM EST – Drini Vs Dubby – Echo Fox Joke Vs Problem
Game 3 – 7:30 PM EST – Tweez Vs Musafa Jones – Dot City K-Aus Vs True
Game 4 8:45 PM EST – Drini Vs Problem – Echo Fox Joke Vs Dubby

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22 thoughts on “Madden 18 Ultimate League – Week 3 Games”

  1. This madden needs to hurry up and be over ,,, you have to pay to play which means if it’s not mut regular teams and players are garbage especially your o lineman … wr drop 90 pct of the time ,,, o line can’t block ,,, nickel odd looping lb blitz still works ,,, earl Thomas 91 zone is better than Tom Brady ,, Julio Jones ,, Antonio Bryant and the eagles and pats are useless on this game and both went to the super bowl… gun bunch is the only shotgun formation that works but in the nfl it don’t exist…

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