Video games have changed my life… HERE’S WHY! (Ad) || Dawko & Dave Go 8 Bit’s take on gaming

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31 thoughts on “Video games have changed my life… HERE’S WHY! (Ad) || Dawko & Dave Go 8 Bit’s take on gaming”

  1. Committing suicide in game helps me not do it in reality. Sort of like how you want to punch a wall, but play Smash instead to release your anger. Or how once you get something over with, you feel relieved that it’s over. When you understand the game and can control the situation, it gives a feeling of security for me.

  2. actually Five nights at Freddy's has helped me thru a lot of bulling and it has also gotten me some friends too!
    I play a lot of Fortnite to and that decrees my stress, I maybe suck at the game but who cares.
    love the video dawko keep up the great work you do for everyone!

  3. You know what the first person wich is my best friend now that actually became my friend I met because of FNAF we both loved the game and one day she bright her tablet to school and wait playing fnaf she couldn't get past the 3rd night I recognised the game and helped her we talked ever since and I say that it was my first friend like real friend and not fake and you know told to be nice to you she warden that and thanks to her now I have a group of friends and I don't have to sit alone at lunch and now I have a comic club at school made up of my friends just to think it started becuase I helped someone with one of my favorite games I've never told anyone this.

  4. "The positiv effects of gaming"
    Mom: What is this nonsense?
    Edit 1:
    Well yeah you can kind of see that I'm not allowed to play online. I'm not allowed to make friends online or even chat. Now I am not a cringy 9 year old, I am way older than that but my mother still doesn't trust me. She thinks I'll tell anybody where I live and what my name is. She even once told me when I write something on a social platform pedos will hack my account, find out where I live and rape me. Buuuuutttt she doesn't know that I can simply take out my phone at night and start to "live". Internet friends are the only friends I have cuz I'm VERY unpopular on my school. No one likes me and thinks that I'm an idiotic creep. But they don't know that I'm a leader at some social thingies that aren't that unpopular (but still nobody knows about it xD). Like have you ever heard of Amino? You can join different Aminos and they all have different themes. Like there is an Amino for everything (yes even for youtubers). I am in many Aminos and my experience wasn't that bad. I am a person with a pretty high rank at the "8-BitRyan" Amino at the moment (I just noticed that I'm doing advertisement) and I've met some nice people there. Everytime I get a new friend I get more bullied in my school. They tell me "What? You have friends? Impossible!" and stuff like that. And my parents are ALWAYS arguing so I only have my games left. It helps me escaping reality and makes me happy. I always imagine that I'm in the game and live a better life. I imagine feeling the heat, the pain, the sun or breathing fresh air and I am IN the adventure. And at the end of the day I have to listen to my mom complaining that I'm always on my phone/computer and fight against Insomia. I'll just play games on my phone until 3 am and try to sleep before I have to stand up at 7 am. So ehm yeah…I forgot that this isn't my diary

    Edit 2:
    I forgot to mention that whole depression and suicide stuff that I have to beat all by myself cuz I can't tell my mom or she will put me in an asylum… So yeah everytime I feel very depressed I'll do something on my phone or I'll just cut myself. It's sometimes nice to feel pain *cringy depression music plays*

  5. Yee we got rockstars now and still no lefty but hey they got candy cadet at least oh and #1 crate and can do balloon abe a stick guy with a bucket on its head a couple others too P.s Fun time chica is there too

  6. I don't really have that big of a story, like I have never been depressed or bullied or something, but Nintendo just always hets me up. It doesn't matter which game it is really, as long as it's a nintendo game it'll just get me really relaxed and happy every time!

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