What I Look For In Video Games

A question I’ve been asking myself for quite some time.
A recent purchase made me realize the answer I should’ve had ages ago.

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32 thoughts on “What I Look For In Video Games”

  1. I feel very much the same way toward games like this as well. I absolutely adore ghost trick, ace attorney, and Echoes, for the same reasons. The characters are well written and believable and make you feel for whats happening. I'm so glad you enjoyed Echoes though! If you haven't delved more into fire emblem, I definitely recommend FE:Awakening, or FE:Sacred Stones if you don't mind old school.

  2. Finally, someone who agrees with me on music!

    I hate how people tend to just shove off music in videos as just that. OSTs. But in actuality it something a lot bigger. It's like you said before, a battle of mankind followed by some hype ass music.

    Let's take a more simple track from a more simple game. Pokemon B/W and B/W 2's gym leader battle music. Now in the beginning, the music is pretty hype, but nothing to crazy. It's like this in a lot of games in fact, enough to give you motivation but not enough to go make you charge into battle. Then, the final Pokemon hits, and it* plays. A rendition of the main theme starts blazing and just makes you want to just completely fuck shit up. THIS is the final stretch! (Seriously, WHY is this not in X/Y and SUMO?)

    Fantastic video Fatguy, I can tell a lot of love went into it. (Especially the aforementioned "Let's FUCKING DO THIS" followed by a sick drop in music.)


  3. I definitely felt the same, Fatguy… This game was really awesome! I dunno why it's looked down, but it's a great, great, great improvement from the original game and the story is so great in comparison to the last two titles!

  4. Kinda had a similar experience with Xenoblade Chronicles when it came out. Not that I'd call it the most masterful of storytelling and everything but at the time it was an adventure of a scale I never could have imagined. Was nothing like it.

  5. Just wondering, based on your thoughts from this video, what is your opinion of Super Paper Mario? You don't have very much content from it on your channel, and I think the only thing you do is not commentated. You also don't really talk about it all that much. I'd just like to know your thoughts on it, as it is my favorite Paper Mario Game.

  6. I can't play Fire Emblem games. I can't deal with losing ANY of the characters throughout the game and never being able to revive them EVER without resetting until I could save all of them. It became so taxing that I began having nightmares and genuine anxiety about how to coordinate my party to save all of them, so they could get back to my party or back to their families. And for the bosses which had families, lives, and genuine impact that HAD to die to progress with the plot or having to choose who lives and who dies. It was all too much to handle. As good as the story got, the fact of permanent loss, of characters reminiscing about battles fought and the fallen, and the interwoven connections that those deaths had to impact the story. I gave up on ever picking up another Fire Emblem series, or any series like it, again.

    I do, however, love the Tactical RPG format. Unlike RTS games, which carry a degree of stress managing everything in real time, Tactical RPGs allow me to carefully plan and structure my attacks for the best possible outcome. I enjoy being able to effectively "pause" anywhere and just think or enjoy the world. Conversing with allies, doing sidequests or straight up grinding for that skill or to accumulate gold to buy the next great weapon, armor or accessory is just enjoyable. So I was looking forward to the Fire Emblem games when I first came upon them as they were a very diverse series that could have allowed for a lot of games I've never played before to be experienced. But with the amount of stress it brought me, and basically pouring over a strategy guide to ensure ever character could be saved, I never got to truly experience the game for what it was, my own unique experience. This made the game incredibly "unfun", though not boring, it was more like a chore to get through the game rather than a recreational activity. I am saddened that I had such a poor experience with the game as I do enjoy watching competent playthroughs of the game, where players execute the story in a natural way, but it's nothing I'll be able to experience personally.

    If anyone has a recommendation on other Tactical RPGs like Fire Emblem that don't contain story driven permadeath, I'd love to hear them. I've played Final Fantasy Tactics for PS1 and Gameboy, and many of the Disgaea games, but I'm always looking for more. I also would love to see Fatguy experience a Fire Emblem game, even if it isn't a perfect run, as his obvious joy of his experience in Echoes is inspiring.

  7. Preety nice video. Im gonna ad my mustart to it now.

    I have 0 idea for what i look for in games. Its even random what i like.

    I mean from what i like is things like
    The binding of isaac(i might also add that i dont like ab, but ab+)
    Rayman 1-3
    and some more.

    Even for games i dont like its random
    Like mario galaxy 2
    Splatoon 1 a 2
    And some others…
    Anyway i hope you like my mustard

  8. It's always nice to see more analytical videos like this. I had forgotten a lot of the better parts of Echoes prior to watching this, and I may just give it a second run through just to see if there's more good stuff there that I had just forgotten about.

    Regardless, it was really interesting hearing your thoughts on how things have changed for you over time, and I hope that you continue to find joy in gaming, whether it be through TTYD challenges or something else entirely!

  9. Weird that you didn’t find any emotional engagement in Mario Odyssey. When I played it for the first time, I literally cried three times. When the music first kicked in on Fossil Falls, then during the New Donk festival, and then at the ending. Maybe it’s just because Mario is my favorite franchise and is incredibly meaningful to me. I don’t personally look for narrative and emotions in the games I play. I mean, it’s great if they have those kinds of elements, but I usually play games to get away from that stuff. I guess everyone looks for something different in their games, I personally love games that have a great sense of control and level design, (plus a few great characters never hurt) which is probably why I love Mario Odyssey a lot more than I like Breath of the Wild. To each their own, I guess.

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