How to Be a Nintendo YouTuber, Video Games Blamed for Violence, & More | NPP Ep. 53

00:01:58 – Struggles of Making Nintendo Content on YouTube
00:18:53 – Video Games Blamed for Violence Again
00:50:46 – ESRB Responds to Loot Box Pleas

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8 thoughts on “How to Be a Nintendo YouTuber, Video Games Blamed for Violence, & More | NPP Ep. 53”

  1. I don’t have respect for the military in any country. By taking actions in the middle east, a lot of problems are created. Also because of all the weapons made in the cold war, North Korea is reacting and trying to make the same weapons to possibly defend themselves (according to them), because they don’t feel safe.

    (I’m sorry if I made mistakes, English isn’t my first language)

  2. I feel like the US constitution also has a role to play, and even if a politician did want to amend or change this section, it would be seen as being unconstitutional. They are stuck in a lose, lose situation and a win, win situation at the same time depending how you look at it.
    Video games and movies are just easy for people to blame.

  3. The problem with America is that you guys have such a gun-centric culture.
    Im from Britain, so from my perspective, the problem is that everyone has access to firearms.

    The problem with gun control is that for it to work with minimal casualties is for a complete reboot of the system in my opinion. A stock recall if you will of all firearms owned by the public. A new system that will have increased background checks and such with a renewed distribution of fire arms.
    However, this would require for starters, the American people to come to a consensus and agree to temporarily let go of firearms and let the new system be implemented, whatever that may/could be. The problem is that this consensus would never happen, people arguing about the agenda's of the left and right, the stereotypical rednecks that would rather die than "Lose" their right to bare arms, and the people who preach the 2nd amendment like its the second coming of Jesus.
    Even if this consensus happened, who is to say they could get hold of every fire arm out there in the public's hands, they couldn't.

    Another thing is that even in Britain and other countries, gun crime still happens, its going to happen as long as guns exist.
    People in America will always cry that these countries still have gun crime and losing the right to bare arms will not solve the issue. Americans always say we need guns to protect ourselves. Sure, i get it. But with that mentality, it causes the entertainment industry getting blamed. America as a whole in my opinion is afraid of taking the necessary steps to start a path towards reducing gun crime, instead coming up with excuses and half patches to the system. This is the same as the military example used in the video, if we dont have weapons, someone else will and we wont be able to protect ourselves… it is a paradox and I do not envy Americans in this decision…

  4. If you read this comment, could you unban me. Jay and me got into an argument yesterday, you may hear from him that he banned me rightfully but he didn't. He was streaming, I didn't troll. (There was no politics, nothing, maybe some star wars memes) after the stream was over he compared me to a rapist and banned me when I said that I wasn't a troll, and that I am not negative. You may not like me but I hope you unban me. I felt like I don't deserve to be banned. I also got banned without warning something I think you should never do. (This is "The Rebel" speaking.)

  5. False information, Nintendo released a statement several months back saying only certain videos can be included in the creators program the entire channel does not have to be Nintendo centered. You have the option to submit your entire channel to the creators program or individual videos the concept that they give very little money for what you stated is false information. Furthermore there is another trick that other YouTubers are using to get around the copyright ID, physical insertion. What I mean is reviewers and Gamers alike are putting themselves behind a green screen in the game footage and talkin along the game audio mixing themselves in with the content blurring the line between their personal self and physical voice and the game's graphics and audio. It really isn't a trick moreover it is a better way to engage an audience and it adds more purpose to the video rather than showing prolonged gameplay it really isn't a trick moreover it is a better way to engage in orient any ads more purpose to the video residential ing prolonged gameplay which is already in eligible for magnetization on youtube itself.

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