Shadow of the Colossus (dunkview)

Shadow of the Colossus, released in Japan as Herby and the Big Mans, is an action-adventure game developed by SIE Japan Studio and Team Ico, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2.


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  1. You're not reviewing this game the right way, Dunk. It seems like you've never played it.

    It's a remastered PS2 game from 2005 – Graphics & Audio. It's the exact same game from the PS2 & it plays exactly the same as a PS2 game, so unless you go into the game ready for that of course it's going to feel outdated. There was never any intention to rework the actual gameplay mechanics entirely. Since your review approached the remastered game with this level of skewed expectations, your rating is probably too low.

  2. Honestly, watching you suck at last guardian was entertaining, but that was on you for playing it like a dweeb and it was fun watching the game punish you for it. That said, I don't really think I can take this review seriously, I genuinely think you just suck at video games that require more than a thimble of water from the dry well that is your patience and I just don't trust your opinions on games like this. Maybe you're right and the clunky controls are more an obsolete relic than a purposeful design choice (I lean toward the latter) but given your last guardian play though that you keep comparing this to, a game in which you willingly played poorly, I'll have to write you off on this one.

  3. I'm actually very glad that they didn't change the controls at all. I truly believe that this is the best remake that's ever come out because of the fact that they didn't change a single thing except the graphics. That's what the people want for remakes of their favorite games and they listened to their fans. I'm praying that the Dark Souls remake is the exact same game but with better graphics but I know someone's gonna fuck it up.

  4. –I remember this as one of the best experiences on PS2. It would definitively make my personal top 5 for that console, along with Soul Calibur 2, Test Drive Unlimited, MGS2 and RE4. I was blown away by the gameplay, which was something completely different at the time… To be fair, I haven't had the pleasure of playing some of the biggest hits on PS2, but I would still expect this game to at least remain in my top 10 on PS2, even if I had.

    –And I had never played a game before where the main character can trip or stumble. It may feel very clunky, but I actually like that he is not able to perfectly maneuver his surroundings. I never really questioned the video game character's abilities to perfectly jump or run in impossible situations until I played this game.

  5. This game is the definition of style over substance. It’s beautiful, by far the best graphically at the time the original came out but when you get over how beautiful it looks you’re left with a linear game with bad controls and an empty hub world.

  6. They actually made the horse controls janky on purpose, to make it feel like you were riding an actual horse. I'm not fucking with you. Same goes for the boy. I mean, who would realistically run the EXACT same way EVERY SINGLE TIME they run? They wouldn't.

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