Video Games You Should Never Play By Yourself

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It’s dark, it’s late, and there’s some hesitation to pushing the start button on your next digital nightmare. Do you really want to play this game alone? We’ve all been there. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Just like the greatest scary movies are better to witness with others in the room, so are some of the best terrifying video games…

PT (Silent Hills) | 0:23
Siren: Blood Curse | 1:13
Dead Space | 1:43
Layers of Fear | 2:25
Until Dawn | 3:07
Resident Evil VII: Biohazard | 3:40
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories | 4:25
Amnesia: The Dark Descent | 5:01
Bloodborne | 5:44

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6 thoughts on “Video Games You Should Never Play By Yourself”

  1. YOu had me at "Video Games You Should Never Play"… I'm not good with jump scares. I prefer my scares more eerily haunting. Lovecraftian, even. Things that just don't look or feel right, and days later you shudder for no apparent reason.

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