ALL Elastic Characters in Lego Videogames

ALL Elastic Characters in Lego Video Games (With Gameplay)

LIST OF ALL Stretchy Characters
-Lego Dimensions
0:03 – Jake the Dog
-Lego Marvel Superheroes
1:59 – Mr Fantastic
2:37 – Mr Fantastic (ff)
2:57 – Super-Skrull
-Lego Marvel’s Avengers
3:44 – Kamala Khan
-Lego Batman 1
5:04 – Clayface
-Lego Batman 3
5:22 – Plastic Man
6:02 – Inque
6:29 – Martian Manhunter
7:15 – Miss Martian

List of games included
– Lego Dimensions 00:03
– Lego Marvel Superheroes 1:59
– Lego Marvel Avengers 3:44
– Lego Batman 2 5:04
– Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham 5:22

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  1. Guys here's something funny I did to my friend :we were playing lego batman 3 and he didn't know Martian man hunter can become a giant so I jump scared him with the big dog of Martian man hunter then he was like WHAT THE HECK BRUH

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