It’s 2018 & Video Games ARE STILL Used as a Scapegoat! [HQ]Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 Update | NewsEssence

I can’t believe video games are still being used as a scapegoat for issues the United States has. Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Update detailed and Manitcore Galaxy on Fire has new Switch gameplay!

Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 ‘Game Balance Re-Finement Update’ launches March 1 for PS4, PS3

Manticore: Galaxy on Fire gameplay trailer

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20 thoughts on “It’s 2018 & Video Games ARE STILL Used as a Scapegoat! [HQ]Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 Update | NewsEssence”

  1. When I was young videogames were still somewhat of an underdog so I was used to hear that kind of talk from adults on TV and parents but times changed a lot since then. Videogames are bigger than ever and even trump the movie business in revenue. Even my grandma got herself a tablet to play Mahjong last year.
    With Rev2 update I am disapointed that they don't announce the Steam update with consoles. Last update it took under a week so it should be fine but this is still very unprofessional of a company like ASW.

  2. haha, I just had to have this discussion at work, where some of my coworkers were saying Video games were the cause, I had to speak up and defend their existence as NOT contributing to the issue at hand, because as I pointed out, there are MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of video games+gamers in the US alone…yet you don't see the majority of them taking similar actions do you? Which of course, my co-workers had no rebuttal for this logic based on numbers, lol, so I then put it another way, oh you guys like the "lethal weapon" movies right? Or "Terminator"? Or "DieHard"? huh, must be those movies having the same effect then right? Which of course, means if you've ever seen these movies, and even though MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS have watched them over the years or that you own the movies yourself, then that must also be the 'cause' right?!….BAM! LOGIC! lol.

  3. Played games since the late 70's. I haven't suffered any of what they are talking about.

    Being the devils advocate in saying the above that I can only account for myself. There are some and maybe a small number who suffer from mental illness that go on phsycotropics that could maybe put them in a more suggestive state.

    I know its not the games per say, but more the individual expeiencing.

    Our tech is really starting to take off with mobile devices. Be it a dose of dopamine for a post on face book twitter, flicker rates, more complexed ai or digital square waves from these things.

    I am not going to go on a someone is attacking or messing with my legacy trip over this, but when I see a new brand of smart tv that actually watches you back, have a meter on my home, a phone and other devices boasting the smart tag. Yeah I have questions fersure.

    As much as we here all love our tech. I think as a loaded gun. a closed mind presents its dangers aswell.

    Love your channel. Keep up the great work.

  4. About the guilty gear dev, I've always wondered why when these devs are being interviewed and say something stupid that doesn't make sense do the interviewers not challenge them about what they've said? I know most videogames journalists are basically glorified advertisers but it's still annoying. Whoever was interviewing should have mentioned the PS3 version when he said that

  5. Wow what a great video. People are so brainwashed that they believe what the politicians tell them. It’s crazy people that kills…..some people use cars to kill people. Are cars getting blamed for the violence? No! Its the dam crazy people.

  6. Percentage-wise Japanese people play videogames just as much as americans, they have the same levels of mental health problems as the U.S. and yet has basically no violence with arms. I wonder why? Aren't those supposed to be the main culprits according to certain "stable geniuses"?

  7. I agree with you when it comes to your first subject. I would also add this: kids play GTA V, Doom, CoD and all that, so we need to ban these games? NO, NO, NO, NO!!
    PARENTS need to EDUCATE their kids. And if they don’t know anything about video games, you have the PEGI / ESRB system.

  8. Geez, gamers can't get a rest with these idiots. You got Jack Thompson, the Kentucky governor and now Trump saying games cause violence. Then you have SJWs talking about censorship with games character designs. Both of these groups need to leave games alone.

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