Skeptic Challenge: Violent Video Games DO cause Violence

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Spoiler: I personally don’t think there’s a causal relationship between violent video games and real life violence + there’s a lot to attack with the papers.
Anderson et. al. 2010:
DOI: 10.1037/a0018251.
Go to and enter in the DOI to get the article.

Bushman & Gollwitzer 2015:
DOI: 10.1037/ppm0000046
Go to and enter in the DOI to get the article.


30 thoughts on “Skeptic Challenge: Violent Video Games DO cause Violence”

  1. That isn't the point.Violent video games are platform creator based branded corporate productions. There are strip centers that remain more violent. People are mad about the nimrods on tv who tell their relatives they are sociologic basement-dwellers. Fun note: Your value goes down 7 – 8 % every 600 miles from residence. And the government values life at discount $200K. At the average 5.5 million $. Someone from the opposite longitude is worth $3.975 million on average

  2. violent video games could cause sociopathic behavior, depending on the player psychological knowledge.
    violent video games could cause psychopathic behavior(very unlikely), depending on the player sociological knowledge(laws and stuff)

    now, without even watching your video i can pretty much tell that all that "ressearch" didn't point the OBVIOUS statements i provided.

    i play games and the last thing i want is the government forcing me to get a certification that i learned psychological courses in college so that i could play a game that contain objects intersecting each other.

    your tone when you state emotions is striking an uncanny and disturbing emotion in my mind and because of that i have hard time trying to justify myself to listening to you…. TL;DR you are annoying.

  3. Video games actually exist in a strange are for me, yeah i do get pissed off here and there, I can let out a very VERY loud "fuck you" and other mean words, but after I get a drink and/or a bite to eat I get over it.
    On the other side having gaming in my day-to-day norm actually helped me in some areas, it helped my getting a good grade on my English Language Exams at the time and Im sure Im not the only one that can say that it helps breaking the monotony of real live, what ends up anoying people is that ppl say "video games are the devil" and "deus vult, crusade to exterminate gaming" end up forgetting that, yes there are some people get violent do the gaming but theres are far worse evils out there, like bad parenthood, abuse of any kind, (the favorite word of femenists) rape, the list goes on with no end

  4. Are we talking about children or people having reached puberty, Children are in different phases of socialisation and neurological and psychological development, as such I think it's more disputable to link violence in videogames to violent behaviour.

    disputable not factual

    There is a very interesting German documentary: "Wie eine Mutter Computerspiele entdeckt: Mama-Shooter" by and with +50 Woman, in which she is dipping her toes into gaming. Seeing her playing Counter-Strike and shooting someone for the first time is very insightful, she also attends a "LAN Party for Parents" by the "Bundeszentrale for politische Bildung" in which a Mother shows similiar reactions. People of a certain age, not used to video games seem to have a harder time, to seperate their actions ingame from reality.

    Is this making reason for the debate more unterstandable?

  5. It's kinda ironic that the media by making columbine such a big story, helped to inspire more school shooters/spree killers than the so called reasons they were reporting on like video games and music. They definitely played a part in making Harris and Klebold these almost anti-heroes. There were school shootings before columbine but they rarely made the national news for more than a quick blurb. Let alone international news.

  6. i doubt the violent thematic content is increases violence and aggression. It's prob just the fact that the kid is isolating himself and unable to navigate social situations. Side effect of consuming too many video games.

  7. Ah yes, the importance of scientific consensus. Because if the majority of scholars in a field believe something to be true it has to be. Sure, sometimes there are heretics that go against the scientific consensus like Galileo or Pythagoras, but we all know that the Earth is a flat disk around which the stars rotate.

  8. No, a meta-analysis can be just as flawed as a normal paper. If you drink from the same polluted pond, you are going to get sick whether you drink a teaspoon or a gallon of water.

    Media outlets are a perfect examples of this as when one of them write an article on a subject, others do to seemingly using the same source, one another as sources or as seems to be more likely the case… no source at all.

    Then wikipedia use the same articles as verified sources and base their articles on it. Extra bonus points when the sources all these verified sources were using was wikipedia to begin with. (Thusly circumventing wikipedia's rule of not using itself as a source as it isn't reliable.)

    I have posted no proof of any of this so my claim will stand here unsubstantiated, but that is okay. But yes, when looking at a meta-analysis what you need to do is to look at every single one of the sources cited and judge their value and validity.

  9. I never really played video games much as a kid I just didn’t enjoy it like the others it wasn’t my scene but recently my brother Ulrich bought me Civilization V and I have been playing it almost non-stop in my free time for almost two weeks now. I don’t know why but around about a week ago I started to beat my son and when my wife tried to stop me I beat her too.

  10. @Dr. Layman
    Is there any paper on that topic using a panel data set? (I'm a big fan of panel data…)

    anyway, in my mind the problem with video games really isn't whether or not they increase violent tendencies, the problem is the absurd amount of time and human mindpower wastesed on playing games

  11. 7:30 Makes me think that Layman is kind of a Nazi. Not the Jew hating kind, but the Nazi doctor who is willing to push way beyond the limits of "moral" scientific standards and bring about vast advances in medicine, technology, etc.. Just sayin' 😉

  12. Being a PC Computer player since the early 90's… I can be certain to say the only thing that has caused violent behavior was FUCKING WINDOWS!… lol
    Frustration, anger, actual motive for million of keyboards destroyed by angry crazy smashing hands… Windows = Feminist wet dream, eww btw

  13. Not sure if this was typed in the comments already, but something that struck me in watching this was this: Is violent and/or aggressive behavior a bad thing? I mean in the context of these papers, it doesn't sound like they are implying that these things will make you shoot up a school. Given that, is it even a good idea to try and stamp out all aggressive/violent tendencies in our children who will one day be the adults running society?

    I just have this dystopian image in my head where people are rushing in packs to the subway station after work to escape from the wild wolves that prowl the streets. If your friend is caught and mauled and eaten you just have to accept that he/she sacrificed themselves for the rest of the herd. If we breed all aggressive and violent tendencies from our societies won't we just become prey animals? I know it sounds absurd but who's going to be a police officer or soldier, let alone a park ranger in this world of non-aggression?

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