RE: Trump blames video games, movies for violence

Another hour, another Trump ramble. He’s like a Drunken Master. Minus the Master. And the alcohol.

Hey, our Canadian Prime Minister dances. Which do you find more embarrassing?


Original video:

A Student and Teacher Guarding The High School In My Hometown In 1973. There Was A Shooting Threat Called In The Morning. Students and Teachers Alike Pulled Their Shotguns From Their Trunks To Guard The Doors Between Classes.

Sources: Coral Springs police upset at some Broward deputies for not entering school

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34 thoughts on “RE: Trump blames video games, movies for violence”

  1. Thank the government for giving women the incentive and making it easy to divorce her husband, taken him for everything he's got and have his child grow up to be overly depressed, emotional, having no masculine foundation, easily triggered and having no way to cope with the realities of life. He then needs pharmaceutical drugs to keep him somewhat functioning but sooner or later the effects wears off and the negatives outweighs the positives. Keeping them playing video games and on the internet 24/7 so he doesn't develop any social skills, know to mate with the opposite sex and build a community. Everything and everyone has been so atomized so communities are barely formed these days and multiculturalism doesn't help either.

    Trump won't do anything, he's just playing a tune libs probably want to hear until everything blows over and people forget. And they will because people can't remember shit since we live in an information dense era.

  2. Expecting teachers to have the level of marksmanship training to shoot a student with an assault rifle is idiotic. Especially when they only have a handgun.

    While trained marksmen are slightly better there's still the possibility of the students killing them and stealing their gun or the marksmen shooting the wrong student (something even the police occasionally do despite all their training). So they may end up making the situation worse, rather than better. Also there's the extra cost of all the marksmen since you need enough to overwhelm a shooter.

    Finally the police only enter a building if there's a risk to life. If there's no risk the safest thing to do is contain the shooter until they surrender or shoot themselves. It's only in movies that the police charge into a building to fight someone laying in wait with an assault rifle.

  3. You could probably make it illegal to bring children into R movies. They were able to do that in the UK as you can't bring children into anything higher than a 12A.

  4. I'm curious what video game are school shooters playing? And why are only the insane choosing to do this? Meanwhile, tens of millions of gamers are not all that interested in shooting at people.

  5. 65000 people died of prescription pill abuse in 2016 now all of a sudden guns are number one problem in America because 17 children died doesn't really make sense to me, how many alcohol related deaths are there in America every year? Why isn't that been banned.

    My opinion is that social media is ruining this Earth because it makes people not care about each other it's easier to be mean to people online, then you got your Democrats and Republicans both fighting on their sides with the rest of us in the middle both sides have their agenda nothing will get done.

  6. Actually Smud, speaking upon reflection. Trump loves to play games with the media, allowing them to make fools out of themselves.

    While they are playing connect 4, he continues on with 4D Chess.

    The media (most outlets anyway) has portrayed Trump as Hitler incarnate. They have also stated on a number of occasions how games cause violence (well accusation wise anyway). Trump has put the media in a difficult position, they will have to mentally contort themselves out of this because they are agreeing with the man they so desperately want to hate.

  7. Why do america take a look at the problem insted of ramble about game = real life violence.
    Like their view on weapons.
    What about learn the younger to use guns for hunting and for war.
    Making weapons controls?
    Looking at backgrounds on people?
    Also why didn't the police just run in and do their jobs? like it on their icons; protect and serve? Why did they fail at that task?
    No: lets blame video games…

  8. Whats wrong with teachers being armed? It doesn't have to be guns. Tasers work just fine. Armed security is also an excellent deterrent. Also, when I was in high school, facial hair on a male student was not allowed. Times change I guess.

  9. The only thing you need to combat this is a working brain. Just because you are able to kill people in video games or see it in a movie doesn't mean you're gonna go and do the same in real life. If you ban violent movies and games nothing is going to change. The problem is psychological issues which are mostly caused be abusive parents or people around you. Why do you think ghettos have higher crime rate than more developed areas? The answer is obvious… The more shit you are in the more likely you're to act violent just because you will see no other way out.

  10. Oh dear god, last couple of weeks he's been really fucking up…keep going like this and say goodbye to your core, Trumpy.
    The reason people like him is because he wasn't going to be a hardcore moralist…here we go with wedge issues…moron.

  11. The blasted gamers helped usher Trump into the presidency. Does he not realize how stupid this is? Does he think that people are so stupid that they can't tell fantasy violence from real-life violence? He had less votes than Romney did-he can't afford to lose support, especially near the midterm elections. Also, your average gamer can't even hold a gun for shit. Trying to fire a gun in the same way you pull the trigger on a controller is complete bollocks; you'll never hit your target, much less kill an entire school.

    Not to mention that countries like Japan and South Korea have very few school shootings (or cases of rape, for that matter) despite having a heavy culture of violence in video games. Japan has a bustling anime/games industry full of grotesque violence that western media can barely match, while South Korea turned a violent video game by the name of Starcraft Brood War into a national sport. Oh, and did I mention that Starcraft has soldiers EXPLODING INTO POOLS OF BLOOD when they die? And the South Koreans turned that game into a nation-wide sport with kids all over the country playing it and GETTING PAID FOR IT. And yet their stats for school shootings are rock-bottom compared to ours.

    It's not gun control/proliferation, because sickos will always find ways to subvert gun control. It's also not violent video games, because thinking that games can train people to use firearms is like thinking baseball teaches people how to use swords. Which is also a pile of rubbish. The problem in this country is the atomized moral environment that basically gives no shits when kids are mentally abused at home or at school. They're just told by the previous generation to suck it up. Eventually, it bottles up until it bursts, then they contact the nearby Han Solo to smuggle them a gun so they can shoot up the school before blowing their own brains out.

    I was raised in a very conservative and religious family, and they didn't give two shits when me and my cousins played violent video games. Heck, my folks kept sending me violent video games that were rated T or M even though I wasn't even ten years old at the time. One of my nephews who plays games with me all the time has a grandma who works for the Church to censor religious books to make sure they don't contradict Church doctrine. And yet her daughter and grandkid are some of the most free-wheeling people I've ever met. None of us had the kind of problems that would cause us to go murderous. We all grew up fine outside of the odd prank or two that we'd play on each other.

    It just goes to show that American religious "Conservatism" is a joke. They worship Capitalism and the doctrines of Adam Smith even though Christian teachings have never favored that ideology and Jesus even verbally castigates those who are selfish with their wealth. They blame violent video games and movies when other cultures steeped in violent media are actually very peaceful in real life. They curse out Harry Potter for having magic, while the whole magic fantasy craze started because some Traditionalist Catholic created a fairy tale out of British folklore.

    But then again, why should I be so surprised? This is the same culture, after all, that burned witches back during the era of the Pilgrim colonists, even though Christian Monarchs dating back to the Dark Ages BANNED witch-hunting and called it superstitious nonsense. Why am I not surprised that the spiritual progeny of those crazy witch-hunters are always looking for new scapegoats to hang? Even the Spanish Inquisition only went after people who openly rejected the Faith, and they didn't listen to imbecilic tirades about witchcraft. How sad is it when the SPANISH INQUISITION had more standards for evidence than modern-day "religious" people?

  12. The emperor is from another generation, he doesn't understand this things. Pretty sure baron plays the hell out of games though. But there is a relation, not necessarily mass shootings (which I believe is drug based), but people who abuse games can be pretty fucking crazy.

    movies are just propaganda bullshit in general this days, avoid them. Don't be too hard on the emperor though, he is surrounded by snakes. You better focus on your soy boy

  13. Video games have been proven to actually thwart younger people from becoming depressed, homicidal maniacs. Hell, without GTA I bet there’d be ten times more school shootings than there already are.

  14. Maybe broken homes, single mothers, vicious prison like public schools, and putting at risk kids on 17 different unpredictable psychiatric pharmaceutical prescriptions might play a more substantial role in these events than tv, video games, and gun ownership.

  15. He ought to look at the Internet outside of Twitter for himself and stop taking his advisors' interns' secondhand accounts of what goes on in the online sphere as gospel or reliable market research, as is more likely for a businessman turned politician.

    Repackaging his predecessors' and competitor's products isn't going to go over so well for him when it comes to packaging ill-thought out talking points from Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton from the 1990s. That isn't a winning strategy. Doesn't he want to be a winner anymore?
    Did he actually get tired of winning?

  16. So long as politicians want people to do real violence for oil, and video games offer optional fake violence for competition…yeah, I won't give a fuck. They said books, TV, films, and any other medium increased violence. They'll say this after video games too. Who fucking cares, there's more potential violence in a politician than in a thousand gamers grouped together.

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