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Everything is narrated by the brilliant British philosopher Alan Watts.
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Music © Ben Lukas Boysen 2017
Alan Watts recordings used with permission © Alan Watts 1973



48 thoughts on “Everything | Gameplay Film | Out Now!”

  1. The speaker is saying some nonsense to distract us from the greater nonsense taking place in this "game".
    Some unity developer played with different 3d models and decided to make a game from it but doesn't have enough money to hire an animator to fix this rolling animals. That's the way I see all this nonsense.

  2. my thought processes through this
    — oh hey it's a bear
    — aaaaaaah why is it rolling along instead of walking
    — why are all the animals rolling along
    — where did all those peacocks come from
    — OK so you can become a plant. And plants can move by speedgrowing a new part then making the old one instantly vanish…. ok, what?
    — the trees as well? huh?!
    — ah, you can be a bug. And the bugs move in a relatively sensible way. Why couldn't the large animals do similar?
    — pretty certain ladybirds aren't known for swarming like that
    — ooh, microscopic. strange.
    — this would make a pretty cool screensaver if it had an automatic / random shuffle zooming/moving/swapping mode
    — oop, somehow now we're an island. moving around in a similar way, against all normal laws of tectonics
    — and now a planet. Not moving. Just evolving in a blobby way
    — aaaaand now a galaxy… this would also make a cool screensaAAH WHY ARE THERE SUDDENLY LOTS OF GALAXIES
    — that's really going to cause a serious radiation soak / gravitational density problem in the local spacetime
    — and we've turned into … shapes? um. ok. pretty though. restating desire to see a screensaver version.
    — zooming out into…. atoms? pollen and sand grains? this old idea again. huh.
    — old bits of bone and shell count as animals?
    — so a lion instead of a bear. Seems fair, even though this initially looked Wild West rather than…. alright, so that's rolling around too. And… bossing around the other lio—-OK WHY IS IT EXPANDING
    — SO NOW WE HAVE A GIANT LION ROLLING AROUND WTF … and giant gazelles. But also normal size ones.
    — what exactly were these guys smoking
    — so now we're just going for a slideshow of everything else. that's neat i guess. turtles and birds and things.
    — the background lecture is kinda zen but at this point it's making me feel actively suicidal because of ruminations on the pointlessness of everything. Also possibly an inspiration for Pullman. Yknow, Dust and all that. The physical parts of your brain return to literal dirt, and the electrical patterns of consciousness to ethereal dust… =jumps off a bridge=
    — balloons? space shuttles? eh?
    — uh right so how come there's the bear and some…. harps? and all kinds of other things just kinda… floating around in intergalactic space? either really close up, or really huge…
    — still totally want a screensaver that looks like that

  3. hey David. I'm into The external World since the beginning. I was sure you would keep doing great stuff. and this is great above every fokin expectation NICE JOB Man . I wish I could talk with you about this and the external world some day .
    sincerely yours

  4. Guys, we should be listening to the negative haters. This game is trash. Philosophy and Art are useless endeavors. Experimenting with new ideas is pointless. Let's stick to traditional media forever.

    This pretentious douchebag clearly just put a bunch of garbled models and animations together to fool us into thinking this is "modern art" so he could make money. Shame on you David. You suck for attempting to make things. The keyboard warriors on this thread are better people than you could ever be.

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    "И беспрекословно – великая благочестия тайна: Бог явился во плоти, оправдал Себя в Духе, показал Себя Ангелам, проповедан в народах, принят верою в мире, вознесся во славе."

  6. Me encuentro en ese estado en el que cuestiono como el todo puede contener lo bueno y lo malo y ser considerado un ser benefico para si mismo y por ende para todo lo existente, sea "en terminos humanos" bueno o malo.

    Siento que este corto guarda mucha relacion con esa concepcion que tengo del mundo, de pasar de niño a ser dogmatico con cierta religion, a volverme un renegado falso ateo para comenzar ya no a negar o afirmar, si no mas bien a dudar como agnostico y por ende a buscar una respuesta que nos englobe a todos.
    Parte de eso consiste al panteismo, una muestra que si bien es cierto no me da forma de explicar los fenomenos sobrenaturales que engloba lo que no podemos ver o entender como agnostico, si me permite tratar de entender la funcion del mundo en si, tomando en cuenta la materia viva e inerte, y como hay una dependencia de una a la otra, como un sistema, como parte de un cuerpo, como un ser humano, que siente, piensa y desea felicidad.

  7. actually, i recommand to listen to the speech of alan watts and don't watch the clip cause it's kinda stupid… if you really need to see some artificial animation to understand what he's talking about or to feel something – just turn off your computer and start live real life.

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