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Quick Info

Pretty boring here, no pictures, just text. I’m sure I’ll work on that.

So I am DNEAVES- David Neave. I’m making gaming videos and music. I’d also like to host charity days to raise money for Extra Life, but it may be a while before I can do that effectively.

I have links if you wanna find me elsewhere. Use the !links command in chat to see them (or see the panel on-screen)


Abide by the YouTube Terms and Conditions, which you’ve already agreed to (without reading them).
Respect me, any mods managing the chat, and of course each other.
Don’t be a dick. Reminder that this is based on the perspective of others.
If I find other rules need to be implemented, I will add them. Rules subject to change without notice.
You can face variable-time bans by not respecting these rules. You will be warned, then banned, then banned longer (or permanently) if continued violation occurs.

Games and Scheduling

As it currently stands, I do not have a schedule to rely on. So the best way to know I’m on is to follow me, until I can figure my life out.

As for games, here’s what I like to play and will likely play here on YouTube. Due to change:

Heroes of the Storm
There’s pretty much a chance of anything that touches the Launcher
Binding of Isaac
Lawbreakers (closed beta)
Battlefield series
Varying single player games

Music Info

I hold a license from Monstercat, allowing the use of their published songs to be played on my stream. The license can be viewed here:

To view the playlist I use, you can type !music in chat, or click here:

My own songs may appear on my own stream too, when I make them. Copyright info may vary for my own material, but it is made by me, and please don’t be a jerk and steal anything I haven’t copyrighted yet.


I have a referral link with If you guys sign up with from this link and stream through it at least 3 hours, it helps me out:

I also have an affiliate link with Into The AM, an awesome store for clothing for people who like to stay up late. They have cool apparel designed by themselves, designed for a few games (with more to come), and hopefully, eventually, apparel for my own channel. Check them out using this link: Use my coupon code DN10AM for 10% off your order!

I like these things by Nanoleaf called Aurora Tiles. They’re these medium-sized triangles that connect together and light up. If you buy some from the following link, I get some expansion tiles for my set or something. They’re neat anyway, so check them out!

Supporting me

If, for some reason, you decide you want to throw money at me, you can do so here:

But I don’t really expect anyone to do that, so if you really want to support me, follow me and simply share my channel to anyone you know who may have a chance of watching me. A small effort that can go a long way, and I appreciate it just the same as money.

Thanks for any support you throw at me!

Multistreaming with


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