10 Craziest Video Game Glitches Ever!

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41 thoughts on “10 Craziest Video Game Glitches Ever!”

  1. Missing no was a planned new BIRD Pokemon (not flight, but bird!). Except that the codes was missspelled… Also there is an easter egg in "gears of war 3" where a chicken runs over the street and by Shooting it, you will turn it into a giant bird Monster. After you fought it successfully, some new chickens will appear after a while and bring xou new weapons as a reward!

  2. There's also the Portal 2 glitch where in the 4th section of the multiplayer mode you can hide in the portal behind the spikes going to crush you and then you fall through the ground where you're suppose to be dead.

  3. I say the best glitch in black flag is were when fighting the big pirate ship boss battle the pirate ship acts like a tornado and slams down on your boat if your near it instantly kills your

  4. Matt why?
    Make another video with glitches but next time tell about one of a biggest glitches of all time.
    World of Warcraft and… CORRUPTED BLOOD INCIDENT

  5. seveal glitches happened on my fallout 4
    1: my companion was sitting in the air
    2: a key that was supposed to be aqquiered by my companion was in my inventory and now i cant use it
    3: when i force a companion to get something the get it from a totaly different place

  6. I know this isn't a gaming channel, so this isn't a malicious post, but I just want to share this fact…MissingNo is actually not what Matt said it is. It was a programmed placeholder, not intended to be part of the game but still a thing with actual programming put into it. The game was supposed to have 190 creatures, not 151, and the remaining 39 slots in the game's code are MissingNo – and not all of them are identical. There ARE, however, amalgamations of glitch data that can be forced into existence that were never programmed into the game and merely a result of the game not knowing what else to do; conjuring them requires a much trickier set of steps than MissingNo, involving specific spots and extremely precisely-timed button presses, and these things can supposedly corrupt your save data (which, contrary to popular belief, MissingNo cannot). There is also 'M, a creature in the zeroeth spot on the list of creature IDs in the game's code, which can be found even more easily than MissingNo using the steps required to find MissingNo (MissingNo itself will not always appear, it depends on the name you choose for your character, but 'M will). Just wanted to share my knowledge! 😀

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