46 thoughts on “Tax on M-Rated Video Games Proposed – #CUPodcast”

  1. In other news, I'm gonna watch Batman tonight, which will in turn convince me to go around beating up criminals and hanging them upside-down from buildings.

    We should tax capes and cowls too. And bats.

  2. I find this rather odd as i'm from the UK, we play the exact same games the US do yet we don't have the problem of "video games causing violence" as the legislators like to call it. Heck even look at japan where they have some crazy bizzare violent games i don't see them going crazy all of a sudden. I just think they are scapegoating if i'm honest. They just wanna bury the issue than grab it by the horns and deal with it which really just seems to be a lack of help for mental health problems.

  3. I am 38 years old and have been a gamer for over 25 years now. Including games like Night Trap,Lethal enforcers ,Mortal Kombat series even Doom! I also was treated like SHIT by most kids at school. What is my point? Simply put NOT EVEN ONCE did I even consider slaughtering my school mates! NOT ONE DAMNED TIME! Blaming violent games is just a lame ass cop out!

  4. 80s = satanic panic
    late80s early90s = rap panic
    early-mid90s = night trap/MK panic
    after columbine = marlyn mansion panic
    early-mid00s = homegrown terror panic
    2010s = video games/internet nazi panic

    Just more pearl clutching by clueless idiots.

  5. This is just bullshit to get more tax revenue. If they really wanted to make a difference they would have banned them all together. I import all my games anyway so I really don't care.

  6. Get hold of list of Rats that even think of voting for this tax, and VOTE THEM OUT. Time to get these a-holes out of office for using video games as scapegoats for their failures as a politician.

  7. If these games are being sold to adults then why are there so many goddamn kids on gta v? Or pubg. It’s not the responsibility GameStop or Walmart to watch your bastard kids, it’s the fucking parents

  8. When are we going to stop blaming the media we consume, and blame parents for not raising their kids? Bullying wouldn't be as big as an issue as it is if parents would punish their kids for bad behavior, and we wouldn't have so many suicidal and/or homicidal children if parents would bother to get their kids the mental help they need to, you know, function as a human being.

  9. Screw this proposed tax bill. Politicians need to put laws on the books that allow police to remove guns from the mentally ill and iron out the details. A national gun database will need to be enacted to get universal background check in place, good luck with that, not saying i don't agree with it. just saying that will take an act of god to become law.

  10. Could not agree with them politicians about video-games more. The first time I ever played Street Fighter and GTA , I could not stop kicking the shite out of all old ladies in the park. Seriously, I thought we had left that rubbish about real-life violence and video-games in the nineties.

  11. Americans make me fuckin laugh, games are played all over the world yet the school shootings only seem to happen in USA, hmmm I wonder why?, maybe it's because of your stupid gun laws. Jesus fucking Christ wake up America. I'm so glad the UK is so anti gun.

  12. It is the medication that causes this crap. Nobody wants to come out and say it. Because the pharmaceutical companies will lose a lot of money. Granted no little kids should be exposed to the violent mature type of video games. I grew up with watching and playing violence. And I didn't go and do a shooting.

    Bottom line. If they put a tax on these video games. I am voting with my wallet and not buying them anymore.

  13. One thing you can guarantee is government is going to find new and innovative ways to steal, I mean tax. There's enough people who don't play video games that this is going have enough support to be implemented. We should all band together and reject any tax specifically designed to regulate behavior.

  14. How about 'fuck off'? Why should we be taxed, even if it IS for a good cause? That's one of the most ass backwards things I've heard and makes gamers out to be the assholes if they get upset by it. How about our actual tax money we pay out of our fucking paychecks goes towards mental health? Video games aren't responsible for any of this shit. So tired of this argument. Next people will say racing games are responsible for people driving poorly.

  15. This is a baaaaaaad precedent to set. In the US, we tax substances associated with vice. Alcohol, tobacco. Those taxes pass because there's a lot of voters who view those things as bad, or begrudgingly see the downsides and accept that there's no real positive to those things. Game are not substances. They are a form of expression, just as valid as films, music, books, etc. If lawmakers start taxing M rated video games, that's the first step in treating games as substances. Every gamer should be up in arms (metaphorically) against this.

  16. As a resident of Kentucky I can proudly say that I did not vote for that idiot. These politicians are ridiculous blaming the media for theses shootings. News flash, the rest of the world has access to the same type of media and a lot of them don't deal with the same type of violent events.

  17. I've always had an idea, that things work on aproximately 20 year cycles… movies get remade, and now, 20 years after we had this argumet, we're having it again…

  18. The solution is not taxing M+ rated games. The solution is not further gun control. Evil people do evil things, regardless of their inspiration or tools they use. I agree with you guys on going after the 1st amendment while protecting the 2nd is dumb, because I don't think either should be attacked. Regardless, how big is rhode island? How much of an effort would it be for someone to just hope to the neighboring state and buying their games at a best buy in connecticut or massachusets? lol

  19. I don't believe for a minute that this is to raise money for mental health. Governments will take any excuse to raise taxes. Sin-taxes like this are just the most palatable for the voting public. It's a money-grab, plain and simple.

  20. I'm actually from Kentucky, I still vote here, I'm even semi-conservative, and I can't fucking wait to vote against Matt Bevin. He's a completely duplicitous liar, a "good Christian" who acts like anything but one in every conceivable possible way, he pushes the war on drugs, and he doesn't deserve to spend another second in office. He makes Donald Trump look like a fucking hippie. If you read up on everything he's done as the governor of Kentucky, you would have to be a total sociopath to vote for his re-election.

    Even the conservatives I know hate his guts. If he wins re-election, I'll be fucking floored.

  21. Are they also planning on taxing rated R movies and books with provocative themes? What about Rated M games that don't even have violence in them?

    It's absolutely absurd and asinine to try and tax video games to pay for mental health awareness. It's not my fault, a grown adult who has self-control, that a child gets a hold of a game not intended for them and doesn't know how to process the information they ingest . Are we going to ban pornography because it's so easily accessible and so many children have access to it? No.
    Children need to be properly taught how to be good humans, the problem isn't video games and it never has been…it's a much deeper seated problem than one that call of duty and GTA V created.

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