GUITAR BATTLE! (Youtube video game)

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Help me get out of here!!!!
There are a quite a few possible endings, demons to fight, gems to collect… have fun!

Here are the options if you can’t use the endscreen

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27 thoughts on “GUITAR BATTLE! (Youtube video game)”

  1. Hey Rob I just wanted to thank you I’ve watched a lot of your videos and it’s encouraged me to start a YouTube channel and make sometimes whacky and sometimes relaxing songs. It would be a dream for you to message me back or us get in touch with each other and possibly make a collaboration video. Right now I’m working on getting recording software for my computer

  2. Rob do you still use the Purple picks? or are you using something else now?
    I’m interested in getting the purple picks and I wanted to know if you still used them

  3. I was arguing with my bassist the other day, i texted him saying “a majority of bassists dont know music theory.”

    He responded “how many sharps are in the major ity scale?

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