Top 10 Games Most People NEVER Actually Finish

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Top 10 Games Most People NEVER Actually Finish
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Content is good…too much content tho? Oh boy…Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Games Most People NEVER Actually Finish.

#10. “The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind” (2002)
#9. “Bravely Default” (2002)
#8. “Donkey Kong 64” (1999)
#7. “The Witcher Wild Hunt” (2017)
#6. “Grand Theft Auto IV” (2008)
#5. “Monster Hunter Ultimate” (2015)
#4. “Driver” (1999)
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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38 thoughts on “Top 10 Games Most People NEVER Actually Finish”

  1. I've always wondered why so many people drop the good old "Driver" after the first mission, bitching about the absence of a tutorial and the impossibility of its completion. So weird, because the game has a good tutorial video, that you can easily find in the game menu. And those tricks aren't so difficult, to be honest. But what can I say… if you don't have a will and a persistence – you don't have a completed game =)

  2. Now fucking way, I just picked up my Nintendo 3ds I hadn't played in a year and booted up Bravely default a few days ago was playing it wile this list started…….WTF they are right I just started a new profile xD Damn Psychics

  3. I am not much of a minecraft fan anymore but isn`t like everyone finishing the game for the wings? and even before for the enderman farms and the exp from the dragon also the witcher 3 one is totally wrong the story is one of the best things in the game …………..

  4. I have unfinished copies of Fallout 4, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas AND Oblivion hanging around on my disk waiting to be finished someday (all 4 are amazingly awesome and I just cant bring myself to actually finish the games because then there is nothing left to do except start again and that's boring)

    I also have an unfinished digital copy of C&C4 that I got for free from Aaron "Apoc" Kaufman (community manager for C&C at the time) because I was running a C&C-related website. Although that one is unfinished because its so crap (and so unlike what a C&C game is supposed to be) that I just can't bring myself to play it anymore.

    And one of these days I will do more with (and try to finish) the copies of System Shock and System Shock 2 that I bought from (after all, they are the closest thing I have seen to a William Gibson novel in video game form unless you count that one text adventure but I dont like text adventures and getting a copy is impossible in any case)

  5. I didn't beat Morrowind bc of the damn glitches. It freezes every time I try to come out of a Daedric temple. I have tried everything to try to get past it that part. I have the original release and the game of the year edition, but no dice. I haven't finished Skyrim or Oblivion either. lol

  6. I played GTA IV all the way to the last mission but I couldn’t fly the helicopter and I never got chance to practice with it cause you had to start the whole level over every time you die.

  7. Ive actually completed the witcher 3, including BOTH expansions. Ive also played AND finished GTA 3, Vice City, 4, and 5 along with even some of the "off" titles such as ths Biker stuff and what not. Another game that in my mind most people probably have not finished is the original Metal Gear solid, ths foe the original Playstation that is, which i guess makes it like metal gear solid 2 or 3 or something like that. But the game is just SO DAMN LONG, taking up 2 discs back in the 90s and taking upwards to 48 hours or more of main story, which was a lot back then. I played the game and finished it in 47 hours STRAIGHT, NO BREAKS. I played it for so long my hands hurt….lol, but i finished it in record time.

  8. I must have completed gta 4 like 5 times. also loved baled of gay tony and lost and damned! Im actually still irritated that rockstar never gave gta5 story dlc.

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