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  1. Just sit back and observe, you learn more that way. You don't have to have a plan for life, just go with the flow and trust that you'll be taken where you need to go. Great video man, keep inspiring and spreading alpha vibes! Hey p.s I was wondering bro do you drink kombucha tea, I read a study that its pretty good for your Testosterone and what not. It contains probiotics, so you know that's key for optimal health and wellbeing.

  2. Thank you so much for your fantastic daily videos. Always good motivation. Today I have hit 3 sets of 100 push-ups. Never before have I made it to 300 in 3 sets and I'm 38. Thank you nofap and thank you Elisha for helping me keep my mind on achieving things.

  3. (sorry for wall of text, cant do anything about it on my phone)When you set foot in dark souls, you are there because it's your destiny. Venturing forth, you will come across people called "hollows". These are adventurers just like you. But unlike you, they didnt have the balls to continue and therefore lost their humanity. Attacking anything with a soul. Each npc in the game is on a mission off their own, and many times we see them succumb to madness, depression, wickedness or even becoming a hollow themselfs.Going hollow means that at some point during the game you lost all hope. You cant die, dying only spawns you to the exact same challenge again. Therefore the only way to really die is to give up.It's said, that if you have a friend that picked up the game but never finnished it. His avatar remains bound to this world as a hollow for eternity. Waiting for your friend to come back and finish his destiny once and for all.We simply beat the game because we chose humanity;)

  4. It's not the failure, the pain,the rejection, the loneliness, and the depression that hurts. It's the resistance to these things. I learned that it's okay to feel what I am feeling. I don't always have to be at my best at all times.

  5. Holy shit!
    I'm playing through this game again RIGHT NOW! 🙂
    I love this series (platinum'd City and Asylum on PS3/4) and I'm just absolutely amazed by how incredibly impressive this game looks and feels. Very underrated.

    Also, Witcher 3, masterpiece. Enough said 🙂

    Edit: After watching the video, the only conclusion of the best game ever of course is, life!

  6. Ultimately life is just a game (the best one, that is); that's been an epiphany for me. Trying out new stuff, taking risks, risking rejection or 'failure' – it's something we naturally do in video games, and bringing that mindset to real life has been a game changer for me. After all, all that matters in the end is having a good and interesting time, and I certainly won't have that by lurking in the comfy, familiar tutorial safe zone.

  7. Hmmm , imagine if we treated life more like a video game than something so serious that needs to be perfected without errors or mistakes , how much more free and daring we would become. The only thing thats holding us back is the fear that we have something to lose.If we shift our perspective from the character inside the game with his little story and his swords and dragons and remeber that we are the player playing the game i guess thats "enlightenment" in a nutshell and i think that's how we naturally should live ..

  8. I totally get what you're saying man. Just half a month back I started facing my fear of rejection, and tbh it's not as bad as it seems. But I just want to say that I would never have taken this journey without your help! Much love to you my friend!

  9. Bloodborne is crazy hard, stuck on the third boss. It’s very rewarding though, and I like the aesthetic. Same with darksouls. I just got Witcher 3 as well.

  10. 5:55 Feel like a Baaaahhhssss lol, found how you said that funny.
    But agreed to many people are willing to invest months/years into a video game but turn the cheek when it comes to facing the world head on. Great talk

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