BSOI #27! An anti-social smartphone, Utah politicians rap, Trump vs video games, and Iggy Azalea.

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Outro song: “Pongathon” by Matt Buckley



  1. I'm glad I don't tippity tap my phone at all. My phone's most common use frankly is coding for Google Cardboard. Do iPhones make people feel like they aren't enough?

  2. I'm probably the odd person out here when it comes to phones. I'm in my 30s and despite being a massive PC and tech geek, I actually never owned cell phone. Not even a flip phone. It wasn't until Nov 2017 that my wife said I really needed one and so I got one. I find most of it to be pointless and I can see why the batteries don't last on them long. I rarely make a phone call and rarely text either. Don't really use any apps. I probably use it for my MP3 songs more then anything else.

    I guess I see the internet, social media, email…. as things that are not that important that I just have to check every minute of the day. My facebook will be on my PC when I need it. My email will be there too. Its why I never understand people who are always checking their text messages while out eating or in a movie. What are you checking that is SO important that you have to look? I mean its one thing if for example you have a family member whos not doing good and your waiting for updates about their situation or something. Or maybe the babysitter needs to text you about something about your child. But other then that nothing is that important.

    Which does drive me nuts because my wife is ALWAYS on her phone. While we eat, while in bed…etc. Mostly social media.

  3. Ah, we got a hammering! It kinda happens every so often. Thanks for your concern though, where i'm from in Blackpool we got a little bit of snow but places like Leeds (My hometown) was hammered.

  4. I freaking love BS on the internet! <3
    I can't believe they are blaming games Lmao!!! Tbh our government in Australia did that at some point a few years back as well, Let's blame violence on video games blah blah blah…… -_-

    Thanks for the awesome video guys!
    PS: I hope people in the UK are alright :/

  5. I can see the phone being good for teens or people in general who have poor impulse control, but otherwise I don't think I'd benefit much from a light phone.

  6. Always a scapegoat. Now, well, for the past 30 years or so, it's video games or violent films. In the 80's, it was heavy metal. Remember Ozzy's lawsuit over the song Suicide Solution? Or Judas Priest and Motley Crue's back masking cases? Before that, it was television and before that, it was books. Let's just ban all media and be done with it. 😛

  7. So for the Light Phone 2, they basically added more features to a product that was planned to be the most basic and simple version of a product. Did history just repeat itself?

  8. It also sucks when you live in place where winters with lots of snow are usual and get the winter without snow. Yeah, it mostly harmless an less traumatic (it may be bad for gardens though) but it's depressing. This dirty snow, dusty cold roads.

  9. I don't get the whole idea about light phone. What's the point? And if it's really necessary to have a simple phone for call an text (sometimes it is) why anyone would buy it instead of some cheap-ass noname Chinese phone with buttons?

  10. If video games, of any kind, caused aggression, me and a lot of my friends would be a bunch of assholes. My friends have told me that im one of the nicest people that they've ever met, and i play all kinds of games and they are a big part of my life. what causes people to go crazy is mainly the way they're treated.

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