Donald Trump Blames Video Games, Parkland Student Proposes Real Policies | The Last Word | MSNBC

Pressure from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student activists has pushed the Republican Florida House of Representatives to pass a gun control bill. David Hogg, a survivor of the massacre, joins Lawrence O’Donnell.
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Donald Trump Blames Video Games, Parkland Student Proposes Real Policies | The Last Word | MSNBC


21 thoughts on “Donald Trump Blames Video Games, Parkland Student Proposes Real Policies | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. Everybody is looking for someone or something to blame every time something bad happens, but they inevitably look outside themselves and will not consider the possibility that we all share in the responsibility. There was a time when children carried guns to school, and killing was a necessary part of life, for food as well as for self defense. We killed our own livestock, and were not shielded from the task by age or the ability to delegate that responsibility to corporations. We also were subject to possibly be forced into assuming the role of prey by other creatures who needed to eat, so we were compelled to protect ourselves by violent means. None of this is new, and it has always been a part of life for humans. Rather than looking to blame guns, video games, or any of a multitude of seemingly likely suspects, how about considering our own attitudes and how they might contribute to arguably unnecessary violence? We have an "us and them" world view where those who are not like us are viewed as "bad," whether it be because of nationality, religion, political views, economic status, or skin tone… Once we brand an entire group of people as "bad," it's really not so hard to rationalize harming or mistreating them. Our own attitudes are likely a root cause of the vicious cycle of hatred that often leads to violence. We inevitably attempt to justify violence we commit against others, but fail to accept that those others do the same. In my view, viable solutions must begin with honest evaluation and acceptance of the roles we play in contributing to the problem. I think the root of the problem is the attitudes we, perhaps unconsciously, instill in our children.

  2. If this kid was smart, he would champion a cause that would really help his fellow students. Maybe he can push for raising the legal age to own a smart phone to 21. Or maybe he can push to bring back prohibition. Mr. Hogg, don't you care for your fellow students?

  3. Big applause, high praise, RESPECT for students in Parkland and around the country so active in gun safety. David Rocks. Big Time.
    On the other side, Betsy Deep Pockets, NO Education Experience DeVoss is a loser. Says a lot that she would not allow live coverage. Like DON UNFIT UNQUALIFIED. Just $$$ to by and promote far right wing causes.
    Much admiration David, this brilliant young gets it right.

  4. You people really giving Hogg to much credit there’s plenty of other kids that are just as if not more “well spoken, articulate and elegant” my gosh you people make me sick

  5. People like Betsy De Fraud remind me of third graders pretending to be adults:

    "We'll have lotsa and lotsa training and everyone will be super safe and there will be unicorns and stuff."

    Except that the average third grader nowadays is smarter than this.

  6. This kid reminds me of Christian bale LOL Just say: WHERE WERE ALL THE OTHER GUNS GOING? Do I look like politician to you? He's right, these new generation could replace all these old men very quickly.

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