Trump: “Let’s Blame Video Games”. How About No…

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43 thoughts on “Trump: “Let’s Blame Video Games”. How About No…”

  1. It’s a false narrative to blame the guns, just as it is to blame movies and video games. I’m not saying that we don’t need some things done. What I am saying is that we need some common sense in the way that it is done. For example mental health is an issue, and someone who has some mental health issues should not be able to buy a gun, but someone who wants to buy a gun should also not have to get a mental health evaluation every time they want to get a new gun.

  2. Rich, you honestly think the founding fathers would have done away with the 2nd amendment simply because guns fire faster now? With all of the intelligence those men had… they never expected guns to advance further than the musket into the future? Do you even have an understanding of our history and why the 2nd amendment exists in the first place? With your logic we should simply remove all of the Bill of Rights and maybe the whole constitution since the world is different than it was back then.

  3. It is and always will be mental illness, lack of empathy, trauma, inspiration from violent horror at a young age, depression, and horrible parenting. Teenagers are often also the worst version of themselves too, explaining the specific age group the shooters are in.

  4. Trump Supporter here, well I guess Trump too goes on the "Blame Video Game" Train too……sigh. Yeah, Blame someone else from your own mistake…….

    Edit: Dw I am not a hardcore Trump fan.

  5. Lol really this got flagged for being offensive? Awe did the Trump supporters get offended? Poor things, we must never talk bad about the new savior of America. Bunch of dumb fucks.

  6. They had more powerful, more dangerous weapons back then when they wrote the second amendment. :/. Also I think you are forgetting WHY they made the 2nd amendment.

  7. Wow are you really pulling the, "it didn't exist during their era, this is what they actually meant" argument. We didn't have cellphones, laptops, and much much more in the 1700s. Therefore I guess freedom of speech isn't covered for those areas yes? Don't be a moron -_-.

  8. I bet if you did a survey on how many gamers had actual firearms there would be a massive ratio to those who dont. if it gets to this point you guys need to protest hard. this better not affect us in AUS where we just got out R18 games.

  9. I went to the US for the 1st time last year and saw a gun store in Miami. I was like 'lol just like in GTA'. Gun stores aren't common in most countries, that's what's fucked up. Gun stores came before video games too, so who's copying who?

  10. Nope, the second amendment is just as important now as it was when the framers wrote it. Do you understand the history of the second amendment? And the the purpose of the second amendment? The founders and framers had just fought a war against a tyrannical regime and they wanted the people to have the means to fight if the government became a tyranny. Yes mental health is an issue as is the stripping of morality in our society. We take God out of the public square and instead we replace with moral relativism. We slaughter millions of babies a year, we have a culture of death. That needs to change.

  11. They crucified Jesus…
    If it wasn't for those violent cave etchings…

    …it never would've happened.

    You know what the disciples said after hearing of Jesus' crucifixion?

    "Jesus Chrrrrrist"!!!!!

  12. The performance of the guns is irrelevant. The whole point of the second amendment, beyond hunting and self-defense, is to be a threat to the government. We NEED to be able to fight back against the government and WIN, or we will not be able to overthrow them should the need arise. That's the point. Keeping the government in check so they can't become tyrannical without consequences. They have weapons like the AR-15? We NEED weapons like the AR-15. Now, if a civil war DOES break out, whoever wins (the government vs. the people) will be determined by who most of the military sides with, I know. BUT, we still need to have our own fighting capacity. The citizens having a fighting capacity to threaten the government is what keeps a people "free".

  13. You know, people tend to forget one thing…

    In games where you kill, you're often fighting against a threat, and not just mindlessly slaughter innocents. (Well except for GTA, that's the only real exception I can think of.)

  14. It's quite easy really. No one needs to own a machine gun. Ban automatic weapons. Sure you can still shoot at each other like idiots but it's harder to kill 50 people when you can only fire one shot at a time.

  15. I disagree with changing the gun laws… since the weapons used in these mass murders arent the ones covered by the gun laws… I mean, can we really walk into a gun store with our license and buy an AK47?… note these guns being used are also illegally shipped in and sold on the black market… but meh…

  16. Violent games vs guns is a false dichotomy. Guns don't make people violent any more than games do. Trump didn't need to deflect to games, and you don't need to deflect to guns. There is no "gun problem" in the US, there's a violence problem, and guns are just another scapegoat; a convenient way of ignoring the societal problems that create killers.

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