Top 10 Video Game Moments That Made Men Cry

Top 10 Video Game Moments That Made Men Cry
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I’m not crying, I was just stabbing an onion for calling me gay! Welcome to and today we’re counting down the Top 10 Video Game Moments That Made Men Cry.

#10. Lee and Clem Say Goodbye
#9. Eli’s Brain Is Sucked Out
#8. Agro’s Supposed Death
#7. Dom Finds Maria
#6. Soap’s Death
#5. Chief Lets Cortana Go
#4. Sarah’s Death
#3, #2 & #1: ????

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48 thoughts on “Top 10 Video Game Moments That Made Men Cry”

  1. Personally I think Ezio's death/ goodbye in Altïairs library, I have played revelations 16 times and every single time I cry, also Ezio's family deserve a shout too

  2. Dominic santiago and Adam fenix and John marston hit me very deep in the end of red dead redemption after had playing red dead slowly through and through the first time side quests hunting skinning etc for hours upon hours maybe hundreds without knowledge of johns demise hit me hard when it happened and the vengeance I carried out was so sweet and personal it felt real and justified afterwards good God damn job rockstar gears of war 3 is self explanatory

  3. Could literally fill the top 5 slots with Mordin's Death, Tali's Death, Thane's Death and possibly even heavier then all of the above……Legion's Death….Sorry then there's Anderson's Death….."I'm proud of you….son." :'(

  4. the saddest moments in video games is batman saying goodbye to everyone in arkham knight and is supposed "dead" also the batman series has it's own end

  5. ive played all these games and idk why none of them made me cry but the only thing from a game thats ever made me cry was the entirety of the final boss from undertales pacifist run.from the friends you made throughout your journey all protecting you from harm, to asriel pouring his heart and soul out to you all broke me. mainly becausei. value friendship above all since my friends are my only family

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