Watch President Trump’s Violence in Video Games Highlight Reel

This is the video President Trump showed during his March 8 meeting on video game violence.




35 thoughts on “Watch President Trump’s Violence in Video Games Highlight Reel”

  1. These were mostly all soldiers, American soldiers. But they’re our heroes? Those are the exact values we’re taught as Americans. That killing is okay if we’re fighting for our country. It’s what fathers teach their kids. Wtf do video games have to do with it. He’s just looking for something to blame other than guns themselves. And yes, I too want to know, where were all the games of kids shooting up schools. Because according to him that’s what directly influenced them.

  2. If video games make people imitate them then let's load the prisons with Kirby, yoshi's world, and little big planet. Instant rehab. You're welcome.

  3. Since it's twenty years ago, where was the obligatory Mortal Kombat  "FINISH HIM!" .. A figure is shown pulling out another player's spine! ALSO: It's not just video games. There's also this cartoon where a cat chases a mouse that is filled with violence.

  4. Why does this channel have to get political literally every channels these days can't keep politicians are the mouth why can I watch one channel without them being political

  5. The problem is not the violence in video games alone. It’s the lack of control the parents have over what their children are playing. Yes, video games can be violent, but this type of violence is in games rated M or AO. If parents took the time to simply look at the back of the box and see why the game is rated towards an age group, then we wouldn’t have this problem.

  6. So if they go after violent video games, then what's next? Violent movies? Violent tv shows? Any news channels going over violence? Where would the censorship stop?

  7. Ok but the intention of maybe 90% of these situations it to portray violence as a bad thing. The other 10% is something that you don’t have to do (killing civilians in fallout, participating in the airport attack, etc.). In fallout especially attacking bystanders is met with severe consequences and often excessive violence is used to make the player uneasy and really think about what they’re doing.

  8. I find it quite interesting when humans blame materialistic things on their problems because their so scared and foolish to admit who’s at fault here, their to scared to take the responsibility for themselves. Humans are quite the interesting specimens

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