White House: Violence in Video Games [Unscripted Rant and Ramble]

So, let’s talk about a video that was unlisted by the White house’s youtube channel for about 8 minutes, shall we?

NOTE: It should be noted that I hate these kinds of videos – being completely off script and talking without gathering my thoughts, but I felt like I needed to talk about this.

Recently, the White House uploaded a video called ‘Violence in video games’… And i kick myself because there’s an obvious mistake in my audio, where I claim that it’s 2 and a half-minutes to 3 minutes… When it’s not even one and a half minutes. And that’s why I hate these kinds of videos.

But, still, I wanted to get a different perspective, open the door to discussion, and see what you guys think about this weird choice of video that the U.S. Government wanted to put out.

Don’t worry, I plan on putting a lot more effort into my next few videos, but this is something that I think needs to be talked about.

The video in question:

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27 thoughts on “White House: Violence in Video Games [Unscripted Rant and Ramble]”

  1. This is obviously a scapegoat. A particularly dumb one as has been mentioned by pretty much everyone at this point. The gun control scapegoat is at least sensible on some level but the gaming thing is not only debunked 6 ways from sunday but the industry already HAS ratings for its games.
    But this is always what happens. Some tragedy happens and whoever is responsible is plastered all over everything like a celebrity while garnering very little of the actual blame. No it's the video games, no it's the guns, no it's movies, no it's TV, no it's music, etc.
    The person who committed this horrid act was flat out telling people about it and the authorities were told about them and chose not to do anything about it but it's everything else's fault :/

  2. I can respect going into this off the cuff and expecting not really your thoughts straight (Though I think you did okay).

    Yeah Trump is an idiot and so that honestly makes me curious about where this idea would be coming from? Course, he could just have idiot backers or himself be even more of an idiot, but I don't think it's too devastating to the gaming industry.

    If they do try and press it, then they'd definitely get a huge amount of push back and little support from gaming industries. It honestly seems to be more of a jab video or like you said, "Making a scapegoat."

    Honestly, I'm annoyed by this too, though I can sorta get an idea why peeps would still be opposed to this and all.

    Course, we all know our government doesn't respect us and all, along with I think your last sentence being impressive for an unscripted tirade, heh. But yeah, as a fellow gamer Kamen, can peeps like actually play the game with us instead of assuming what they have. I mean, an issue I have with society today is its lack of trying to understand or delve into "why" and just are happy with the whole branding or whatnot. Like, this honestly permeates to a huge mindset in western culture.

    So, I don't think this video will be lethal (I mean I haven't seen it yet, this isn't me formed opinions, but talking in regards to if I did keep the conclusions I'm thinking now), just another display of suits not really delving to understand "why" something the way it is, just do a thing against/for that something because rich peeps that support them say so.

  3. Shouldn't the parents be the ones responsible for checking the kids on what they play or watch?

    I'm glad that people now know that video games aren't to blame. The video shows that the White House is out of touch

  4. And the worst part about all this is that every day Congress focuses on this bull, we lose one less day that can be used to find ACTUAL FREAKING SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEM!!!

  5. 100% agree on the statement that our shitty government is just using this argument as a scapegoat tactic to derail the conversation of school shootings, mental health, and gun control. Because obviously they don't want to take the guns away because amendment rights, and neither do they wanna put more money into caring and researching mental health because need more military funds and all that. At this point it's become more and more clear to the young adult and teen demographic that these arguments are nothing but lies and it angers me to no end that rather then finding any meaningful progress to solve any issue, the world finds a way to shut up any and all conversation just to continue the unnatural status quo.

  6. This is a example of how Donald Trump has no idea of what is going on or what the cause is. He is desperately trying to place the blame of the current political landscape on people, organizations, and media (video games being a large source of media). If he can put the blame for school violence on video games, then he won't have to admit that there's need to be stricter gun control.

  7. In all my years on YouTube, I have never seen a like dislike bar where you can barely make out the spec of blue in the corner. Seriously, the only people complaining about violence in video games at this point are seriously trapped in a mental time capsule they're actively choosing to not step outside of. It really goes to show what kind of retards we have in power right now.

  8. I wanna know how long people have been blaming video games and other entertainment mediums for real-life violence. It is 2018 and we still have this discussion. The way I see it, instead of finding an actual answer or factors for real-life violence such as bullying and abuse, the media would rather come up with cop out answer. An answer that people actually fall for. There has been countless counter evidence that goes against this fallacious and divisive narrative, yet politicians and journalists still insist on using it. The main reason why they use it, we may never know for sure. If you EVER come across someone whether it be online or in real-life using or this type of propaganda, you bombard them with counter-evidence.

  9. People are way too quick to blame something for an action, instead of analyzing the situation, to actually fix the issue.
    However violence will always exist, and nothing is going to change that.

  10. Why can't parents actually control things and just not buy their kids these fucking games? Oh right, because parents can only fucking spoil kids these days.

    And daring to blame the parents means that we get to the root, and that's bad.

  11. I tend to bring this up when talking about things regarding the matter, and this is no exception. I am pro-gun. The reason I say this is because I want to highly just how pathetic and sad it is that every argument made by our own government that's on the same side as me pushes me away from that side. Might as well join the anti-gun people since they're at least proposing a solution. Even if I don't agree with it, at least they actually care.

  12. No problem.. got a little worried about the upload. And yes I agree.. the there are issues with Violent videogames.. But it's just people trying to shift blame.. Real guns, virtual guns.. those are not the problem it the people who use them incorrectly and irresponsibly.. Harassment over petty issues, mental conditions, misplaced Frustrations.. at leats with virtual Wepons no one physicaly gets hurt… but both can cause emotional stress.. it's up to the Public to find and potentially solve these issues.. government included.. But it's just a giant ClusterF@%$ of voices with oppions, agendas, and Views that Cloud the true answers.

  13. I really can't believe that in 2018 we are going back to that tired old wrong argument against video games. It's like when I see people replying to comments made by people with MLP profile pics, with "pony faggot" or something when the show has been out for 8 years now.

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