10 RIDICULOUS Video Game Advertising Mistakes


These are The Gamer’s 10 FUNNY Video Game Box Art Mistakes. Do you agree with this list? Are there any games we may have missed? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Script by: Stuart Hall

Voice Over by: Ryan George

Edited by: Kyle Mirzaian

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46 thoughts on “10 RIDICULOUS Video Game Advertising Mistakes”

  1. The last one that "Floaters" is another word for floating turds in England and the enemies did look like… floaters… yuck.

    And for the Mega man cover, the guy who made it never played or saw any game footage.

  2. Remember looking at the sick cover arts for gta 5? Well when you load the game you can actually see characters holding guns that are not in the game. Such as michael reloading the Colt M4 Carbine with the russian PKA sight, but the gun was never put in the game, instead the HK416 was used.

    Or what about Franklin, his art creators made two sins. In one scene he holds an MP5/10 pdw, but the sights are completely different than the version featured in the game. And in one of the bottom images of GTA 5's game cover art, it shows Franklin holding a Glock 17, even though no Glock is present in the game in any form or shape. If youve played the game enough, you would have already noticed these sins by now.

  3. While some covers have some blatantly bad artwork, others are just people having to much time on there hands and trying to find stupid faults in them, when there really is nothing there

  4. I like how everyone is pointing at the rating, while no one is pointing out that he keeps saying those Imagine games were actually just DS games and not 3DS. I mean, even the video before it was a pink DS.

  5. One of the reason why I don't trust ESRB or any similar rating boards. I would rather have them list out the offensive contents rather than rated T for Teens, because I don't mind playing a more violent games that is mostly rated M for Mature (not too gory, but blood splattering all over the places is fine), but nudity in T ratings (or even partially nude) is not my type. Well, those were back then, but sometimes if we look closely, all of us treated different contents quite different. I know some people took religion material as offensives, even though the game is rated E for Everyone.

    Just when will these rating boards learnt this?

  6. "Makes a video criticizing advertising"
    "Advertises a sister channel that segregates its viewers based on language instead of just adding captions for Spanish on the main channel"

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