3 THINGS Video Games get wrong about the Saiga 12 | Rob Dahm

Official Rob Dahm video of: 3 Things Video Games get wrong about the Saiga 12 Shotgun
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I first learned about the Saiga semi automatic 12 gauge shotgun from Battlefield Bad Company 2. I bought one several years ago. Its a blast to shoot, but video games like Call of Duty don’t do it justice.


42 thoughts on “3 THINGS Video Games get wrong about the Saiga 12 | Rob Dahm”

  1. "Look how powerful this shotgun is!"
    -Shoots some plastic and cardboard.

    I agree shotguns will kill the heck out of you but not all games get them wrong. Look at pubg, its the most powerful guns in the game and it doesnt have alot of spread. I will say though that alot of games 'get it wrong' but its just to balance the game. Also this is a dumb video to show 'how good' this gun is. Shoot some metal, shoot some ballistic gel behind a piece of wood or a vest- compare the shots with something like a 9mm or 45 ACP or 5.56. Literally anything but a piece of paper on a blow up doll.

  2. The problem with video games is that they get guns wrong almost 100% of the time. I mean shitty game mechanics and lack of understanding of the subject.

  3. There is 1 thing some games have that would make real life easier… They have buckshot as the red round, And slug as the green round, And that's it, They don't mix em up.

  4. Reminder, video games are games. We all know (well not all of us sadly I wish people were not dumb) that they arnt an accurate representation. They would be unbalanced, overpowered and boring. I hate shotguns in most games, not skillful at all. Which goes to show how amazing shotguns are

  5. Yea no shit you cant snipe with a shot gun in video games its to balance the game , i wouldnt want people running around with shotguns having an advantage at all ranges.

  6. This guy is just a host. He should not be allowed to shoot the gun. He does not look like someone that actually know how to handle a gun. This guy wasn't even aiming properly even with a scope on a gun.

  7. hey rob, while foster slugs or "rifled slugs" do cause the slug to spin slightly, that is not the reason they exist. the slug would be just as stable without them due to the shuttlecock design. The grooves allow the slugs to be safely shot though different choke sizes. A foster slug (not to be confused with sabot type slugs designed to be shot out of rifled barrels) can be safely fired out of a modern full choke shotgun because the grooves allow the slug to swadge down the the size of the muzzle without the danger of a kaboom.

  8. You're glad people can't just run around a map with a Saiga 12 killing everyone? Tell that to the dipshits in BF4 who instead parachute from spawn beacons shooting at ground units using Saiga's with frag rounds.

  9. If you're at all interested in correcting the video game crowd, then referring to a scope magnification as "times" and not "power" makes you look just as ignorant.

  10. Real life birdshot like 7 or 6 shot is deadly to 30 yards Max especially if you are wearing a carhartt jacket. Buckshot is deadly to about 75 and slugs are deadly as long as they are flying except you would have a hard time shooting farther than 150 yards if you are a crack shot.

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