Bill Burr – Boyfriend is Addicted to Video Games (Hilarious Advice)

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Bill Burr is an American stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and podcaster who has released several stand-up comedy specials. Outside of stand-up comedy, he is known for hosting the Monday Morning Podcast, playing Patrick Kuby in the AMC crime drama series Breaking Bad, and creating and starring in the Netflix animated sitcom F Is for Family.


46 thoughts on “Bill Burr – Boyfriend is Addicted to Video Games (Hilarious Advice)”

  1. The problem isn't the video games. It's his addiction. It could be watching sports, drugs, alcohol etc. Tell him flat out your concerns. If he doesn't change. Leave him. Did he play the Dame amount before you started dating? If so you can't complain. Or did he get into gaming after the relationship started?

  2. How fucking boring do you have to be in the sack, for someone to pick a videogame over smashing your ass?
    Dress up? How about not letting yourself go in the first place?
    What is she doing to keep his interest, besides nagging?
    If she's just lumping around in sweatpants, watching "reality" shithows, getting bigger, and offering boring routine sex, of course he's gonna put his time into something more challenging.
    Interest is a two-way street… get what you give.

  3. Butthole Bill, love most of your stuff, but you are not going to get gaming. For a lot of us it is a way to unwind AFTER a hard days work. I deliver Sheetrock. It is a job most people quit on the first day. I work hard, and when I get home, I like to game. I am now a VR Gamer, which is far more physical than sitdown gaming, but I do that to from time to time. You can say a gamer isn't driven, but perhaps, they just need to unwind, and that is how they do it.

  4. A cunty broad will bitch about any hobbie if it takes time from her. I've been with a broad like the one writing and it was hell. It's a hobbie. Now I am with a girl that reads a book or does her own thing while I do my own thing. Though mind you I don't play quite as much as this guy. And I do compromise… when she starts giving me signals that she needs the D. Well, I oblige.

  5. Eh, I kinda get both sides of the argument. People need time to themselves and I've known plenty of women that just couldn't stand that. It doesn't matter what you do or where you do it or if you only do it for an hour a day and the rest of the evening is spent trying to make them happy: they just NEED to have your attention during that hour too because otherwise it means you don't love them anymore.

    On the other hand: if what she is describing is accurate and all he does is eat, sleep, work and play the vidya then that guy doesn't deserve to be in a relationship. If he doesn't care he should break up, not just ignore this other person that spent the last 5 years propping up a relationship.

  6. For the first time I disagree. Gaming is very much a hobby now. These mmos out there these days are endless. Think of them like these deluxe models with new sections added every so often, or a car that a guy continuously works on.

    But just like those hobbies, obsession with them can lead to social problems, and problems within a relationship if in one. But fuck Bill, don't mock the guy who isn't in one. You of all people should know that some people are just like, "FUCK relationships!" How they choose to spend their time is their own prerogative. If they are happy in a cave, let them be happy in their fucking cave.

  7. There's nothing wrong with playing with videogames. It's all in moderation. You can play an hour or 2. But not from the moment you wake up til he goes to work. And the moment he comes home from work.

  8. Games are childish? Dude the average age of gamers in this country is like 28. I guess this is what happens when the last game you played was some shitty donkey kong port on Atari 2600.

    For me, I love the competition. I also enjoy a well told story/adventure. Some people get that from books, some from movies, some from fucking themselves. It all depends on what you like.

  9. Not a healthy addiction. But neither is gossip, beer, 40 hour work weeks, dealing with people, or anything else in our society except for fruits and vegetables. I don't play video games. Still, deal with it or go your own way, stupid bitches. Get over it or find someone better. Helpless pussies.

  10. People love sitting in front of the TV doing nothing but staring, people love going to movies doing nothing but starting. But video games which can have epic stories and require thinking rather than staring are childish….

  11. He's not saying playing video games is a waste of time he's referring to this specific email where the boyfriend is very clearly playing too much. In Bill's mind he sees video games as childish and dislikes marijuana and video games however his Neighbor Next Door might play video games and smoke marijuana but sees sports & drinking as a dumb activity.

    We all got a preference. Everyone has an opinion; Bill is allowed to express his. Plus it's his podcast so if anyone is legit getting defensive and butthurt over this then go fuck yourselves.

  12. Some people get obsessed with things periodically. They’re called fangirls/fanboys. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just weird. The guy is still working. He’s still functional. He’s just going through a stage right now. I do the same thing. I get really obsessed with things for anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 yrs. I’ll admit the not having sex is a bit extreme. But I think his gf should be more understanding.

  13. The people who say "video games are for children" are dying off rapidly. Give it another generation or two and these old fucks will be dead and the only people saying that are just plain ignorant fucks.

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