Loot Box Regulation For Video Games

The Hawaii state legislature proposes bills to regulate video games that contain loot box purchases.
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4 thoughts on “Loot Box Regulation For Video Games”

  1. Denise, I've been an active listener to your podcast for years. This is the most disgusting and misinformed Podcast I have ever heard. I am SHOCKED at the level of laughing and ignorance in the clip. You and your's have blown my mind on this one. Wow… I am lost for words… I'm so angry and disappointed by you. Wow.

  2. I play a game called Overwatch, which contains loot boxes. In Overwatch, loot boxes can be purchased with real money. Also, all items available in loot boxes can also be purchased with an in-game currency which cannot be purchased with real money. That currency is acquired through playing the game.

    The developers have largely, but not entirely, avoided controversy by only including cosmetic items which give no in-game advantages to the player in loot boxes.

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