Top 10 BEST FRIENDS in Video Games – Judge Mathas

I lost a lot of Soul Reaver 2 footage bear with me as I play through the game a 2nd time through. In the mean time have this.
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26 thoughts on “Top 10 BEST FRIENDS in Video Games – Judge Mathas”

  1. I lost a LOT of Soul Reaver 2 footage due to a hard crash bug that was happening between the game and my recording software. Instead of cheating and watching someone else play through to the end, I'm going to just play through it again. In the meantime, here ya go!

  2. I didn't really like the "taking the piss" kind of video for judge mathas. It was funny, I laughed and smiled, but it wasn't the kind of style that I've come to expect from this channel, specifically. I would've uploaded it on the main channel instead but that's just my opinion.

    Still made me laugh 🙂
    Thanks Mathas

  3. Loved T3-M4 from kotor 1 and 2. Love my robot best friends.
    Tiki tiki from crash bandicoot.
    And my personal favorite is Hanpan from Wild Arms. Coolest little wind mouse ever.

  4. This video had me giggling all over the floor. I must say that if Dean Cutty isn't heard from every few days, the poh-poh are coming to visit you, Mathas. Just sayin'.

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