Trump’s private meeting about video games

As reported by Washington Post, March 8th 2018:
Inside Trump’s private meeting with the video-game industry — and its critics

Once again, we go down the quest of trying to link violence to video games.

Here’s a link to the private White House youtube video:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler was apparently there:

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18 thoughts on “Trump’s private meeting about video games”

  1. I'm glad it wasn't just a "*HARUMPH* Violent Video Games are Bad *HARUMPH*" echo chamber.

    Hopefully, next week the news will be articles saying "Trump says there is no link between Violent Video Games and Real World Violence." Especially if then the Left leaning media now needs to suddenly take the opposite position to still disagree with Trump.

  2. Sorry Don: i voted for you, and i still agree with you on many issues, but this is not one of them. Studies have shown that there is no correlation that can be drawn between violence in real life and violence in videogames.

  3. I keep thinking the US should look at Switzerland for inspiation. The government actually distributes rifles to every citizen, train them, and they have no mass shooting of this sort.

  4. Trump is obviously way off base here, but what really bothers me is the double standard across the mainstream media and especially throughout the community of "games journalists". As you mentioned, both Obama and Hillary also blamed violence on video games as well as a plethora of other democrats and yet these stories are seldom covered and when they are, party affiliation is typically not mentioned. Also interesting is that the ones crying about Trump's meeting tend to be the same people who believe that video games make men sexist and therefore must be censored and/or those who feel that the government should step in to regulate monetization tactics.

    Unfortunately, most in the media and "games journalism" seem to be out to score political points rather than to discuss and debunk these claims. It's the same story with Jack Thompson. There were countless people across the political spectrum pushing the exact same narrative as him but because he was a conservative christian the left wing games media made him the poster boy for video games censorship because he represented everything they resented, far beyond just his opinion on video games. In short, people like Trump and Jack should be opposed on this issue because the facts don't support their claims but there's no excuse for the rampant political bias in play here.

  5. Shut up about American politics. You aren't even American so you have no say in the matter. Besides, you just said that you have bigger issues to deal with, so get off the trump train of leftard idiots and focus on your own country.

  6. After all this I'm starting to believe the conspiracy theorists who say that all Trump's comments on video game violence is a smokescreen to make the media and lawmakers focus away from the idea of stealing people's right to bear arms.

  7. We had decades worth of research proving that video games do not cause violence, ever since video games became mainstream violence rates have in fact been decreasing. Yet close minded old men who like Trump would of course love to throw the blame on something they don’t understand.

  8. Trump wanting to ban video games was the most hilarious thing I ever saw. We had publications that have since 2010 or earlier been pushing the narrative that videogames cause violence and rot the brain to a 180 and suddenly videogames don't do anything, except maybe turn young men into rapists. Because we might know that violence isn't a problem but who knows about sex right?

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