26 thoughts on “Video Games Aren’t the Issue”

  1. They'll go oh, this X% of mass murderers played GTA or shooter video games, then you look it up, that's within the margin of error for the national % of people playing them, and nothing about the 99.9999% of GTA and other video game players who haven't.

  2. back in the the day people blamed it on rock and roll and tv. old out of touch politicians will always blame he problems on whatever newfangled technology is coming out

  3. This topic was also big back 2009/20010 when CoD: Modern Warfare 2 came out because of the No Russian mission which had you gun down civilians in an airport. Even though 1: You could complete the mission without firing a single bullet and
    2. Who thinks: yeah i can totally get away with bringing a loaded LMG into an airport and gunning down hundreds of people

  4. I don't think that we can pass a law on that wouldn't be challenged as unconstitutional under the first amendment. That restricting someone's free speech and whether or not people like the content of movies, music and video games if it restricts someone right to free speech then it's a problem. The supreme court even struck down a 2005 California law back in 2011 restricting the sales of violent video games to minor with parental consent. They declared video games protected free speech. https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2011/06/27/supreme-court-video-games-protected-free-speech-analysis So there is precedence that if a state or the federal government tries water down or restrict content they will be setting themselves up for a censorship battle that will not go to over well here.

  5. Every major study has shown that these video games , movies etc. are a positive thing because they can be an outlet for people who have stress to creatively express themselves . It can keep people from committing crime because it lets them take that anger out on something rather than let it build up . Besides it feels very fascistic for someone who does not know me to say I am not old enough or mature enough to handle a video game because I'm below an arbitrary age limit.

  6. I don't think the games, movies, or songs are to blame for it but I do think some people are influenced differently by what they play, see, and hear than others.

  7. "Hey look mom! A plastic bag! I wonder if I could suffocate someone with that?" Suffocates Someone "Okay well… it's clear that plastic bags are the problem here!"

  8. There are too many idiot Americans who think that to solve the gun problem, you need more guns. Backwards "logic".
    And I am an American. I am ashamed of my country.

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