President Donald Trump Targets Violent Video Games | News Wrap Up

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President Donald Trump called for a meeting with various activist groups including the ESA, ESRB and Parents Television Council to discuss the topic of violent video games after the recent school shooting in Florida.

Tarmack’s Game Industry News Wrap Up covers the following stories this week:
00:05 Skip To: President Donald Trump Targets Violent Video Games
01:23 Skip To: Xbox One X Getting FreeSync 2 Support
01:50 Skip To: H1Z1 Goes Free To Play… again
02:23 Skip To: Oculus Forgets To Update Security Certificates And All Rifts Go Down
03:08 Skip To: Valve Shows Artifact To The Press
04:12 Skip To: Xbox One Gets Crossplay In Fortnite
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21 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Targets Violent Video Games | News Wrap Up”

  1. Artifact, the game no one wanted or asked for. Like the only reason we know what it is is due to it not being the tf2 update everyone hoped was announced at that press conference.

  2. As an Oculus DK1 user, I felt like Adam Jensen in the confrontation with Zhao.
    Smugly pointing out that I didn't accept the upgrade, when she tries to use the killswitch, and happily continuing to use my hardware.

  3. I'm not understanding your point with the switch. He was talking about violent video games not family friendly video games. What you just said made absolutely no sense. It's like saying, "I think caging animals in a traveling circus is cruelty to animals." And then you respond by saying maybe I should go to a circus because many circuses have cotton candy and baloons. As if that proves my point that caging animals is cruel irrelevant. Absolutely retarded response.

  4. As a gamer I'd like to agree with him just to the point where we get parents to not buy children adult video games. Like call of duty for 12 year olds for example. Not because I believe there's any problem with violence in video games but because I simply agree with the current ratings system and i don't want to play adult video games with children. If I say fuck into my headset I don't want some fuck ass moron irresponsible parent telling me to not swear because I'm playing with their child when THEY are the one violating the rating system and putting their child into an adult centric environment. That's on them. Not me. Adult games swear constantly. The A.I. in The Division swear constantly. So maybe getting rid of screachers in violent video games how it is ALREADY intended to be anyways would be a good thing.

  5. So uh… PC master race gets to stomp on console peasants in fortnite? Or do console peasants get a built in aimbot option?

    And ironically the bigger problem is matching PS and Xbox players together than PC with either.

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