Why IT MATTERS: School Encourages Students to Destroy Video Games? (Episode 13)

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In today’s episode of Why it Matters I detail and discuss how Cushman School is encouraging it’s students to destroy their own video games because they want to change the world. Let’s get one thing straight, if the school was not encouraging this, they would not host an event nor get involved with the destruction of these children’s property. It’s very depressing to see adults encourage such destructive behavior, but that is how these adults perceive video games. Especially Pac-Man… but do Violent Video Games cause Violence? Find out in today’s episode of Why it Matters…

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Cushman School students throw out video games for campaign against virtual violence

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News Media, Public Education and Public Policy Committee
News Media, Public Education and Public Policy Committee

The new Discovery mode turns Assassin’s Creed Origins into an interactive history lesson

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40 thoughts on “Why IT MATTERS: School Encourages Students to Destroy Video Games? (Episode 13)”

  1. honestly, people try to find every possible chance to blame video games. people used to burn witches, and lynch african americans in america, so i think people are just being people. in fact, i think we are becoming less violent. we haven't had a major war in like, half a century. plus, lots of countries are now democratic and are getting more and more freedoms. it's not the video games, it's just people being people.

  2. Honestly the only reason Trump pointed the blame to video games is defend his buddies the NRA that's the only way. It makes me glad I am in the UK because while we have a fair share of idiot moments it's at least not a constent battle with blaming video games for problems.

  3. Theres no denying that some video games are violent. But I think that the games don't cause someone to be violent… there must be some sort of predisposition in that person for them to be affected by the games. I played LoL for years and became short tempered and angry a lot of the time. Was that because of LoL? Sure. But I had anger problems before that, so ?????? this whole "violent video game" situation is dumb, and I hope the focus gets taken off it and onto more pressing matters i.e mental health, which is more of cause of violence than video games

  4. Parent's! Video games cause violence? Then what video games was Hitler playing? What video game was being played during slavery of Africans? Or what fucking video game we're the Jews playing when they tortured and nailed Jesus Christ to the cross?! Pfft

  5. What's next? Banned Magic the gathering because it causes nightmares and anxiety with a with its Dark fantasy Artwork of demons, animal's and human warriors??? What? They're gonna cause suicidal thoughts? Or wannabe satanic rituals that sacrifice animals? Idiots

  6. I feel like those first 2 reasons why destroying the games is foolish were a bit weak. I mean, I'm 100% in favor of video games and what these kids are being told/made to do is ridiculous, but those later examples and the rest of the video maybe should be more of your focus (Idk you're a grown man do what you want, love the vids!)

  7. In all honesty, I think that gun violence is horrible. All violence is horrible… But there are so many people who play horrible games who would never hurt anyone. There are people with guns who would never turn them on another human being.

    I knew someone, personally, who listened to “violent” music, and played “violent” games, and lived in a “violent” Family. His younger brother did too. As did their younger sister. He has a family now (never ran away, when he found out he got his girlfriend pregnant, he stepped up and became a father – and a good one at that) and before his brother passed away (hit and run, may he Rest In Peace) he was on his way to a good job. His sister is a good student. Violent video games never made them violent. If anything, seeing violence has made them grow up. At 7, the youngest was so much more mature, she was almost on my level, and I’m much older than she is. Even as a teen, people always thought she was older than she was, because of how mature she is.
    (And why didn’t I get involved and stop them playing those games? It wasn’t my place to tell them what to do. They weren’t hurting anyone, and they were having fun, so it’s not like me stopping them was “saving” them)

    If people are gonna be violent, they’re gonna be violent, games or no games. it’s a horrible thought but it’s true. Video games aren’t going to change that. We need to learn what we can from the past, to help stop it from happening again. Instead of blaming some material item, we need to look at WHY it happened.
    I personally think, if less people were bullied, less violence would occur. And that’s not just students doing the bullying. Teachers, parents, family, other adults, they’re just as capable of it. My teachers in high school were abusive. They would stand over people and mock them tirelessly. They said “no put downs” then they would call us slow, bad, misbehaving, naughty, and an array of other hurtful things. Ive personally gotten ptsd from my time there, if anything triggers me, I go into meltdown… And the worst part is, we didn’t know better. We didn’t know what we could do. By the time I’d learnt the extent of what I could’ve done, it had been years, and I couldn’t do a thing.

    Idk, that’s my two cents…

  8. That was a waste of 60$. It doesn't hurt us or the developers. You bought the game. The people who made them got paid. This is like when people bought CDs just to destroy them. It's your property and you can do what you want with it. The game makers got paid.

  9. That's sad. What a waste.
    From my point of view, games are like a gun, you have a responsibility. You choose you act them out or not.
    By the way, aren't there violence in movies as well? Wresting games are T rating. And I'm not a Fan of Gran Theft Auto.

  10. While they're at it, they should push for War to stop entirely because that's violence!

    In the words of my Industrial Arts teacher, "You cannot stop violence or weapons because anything can be used as a weapon. See your hands? They can be used to strangle or punch so I guess we have to cut them off! See your arms? Same thing! Cut them off! The stupidity of people to do everything they can to remove weapons will not stop violence anywhere because your body can be used as a weapon."

  11. Should news stations be banned too? I mean they sometimes show graphic and violent imagery that any innocent poor wittle child could see, it could corrupt their mind seeing terrorists and wars on tv, they could think it's super dooper cool and follow a flawed religion or fight when any conflict arises. Just saying.

  12. Suppose we investigated the lives of school shooters for violent entertainment, including video games, movies, comics, music, "music", and books. Would we find a link then?
    There are at least two occasions I can name where the shooters were inspired by violent entertainment. I think it would be worth studying.

  13. This is so dumb that I don't know what to say about it. It was dumb enough when people refused to accept video games as a form of art. I just don't have anything that I could say about it.

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