37 thoughts on “Video Games to be BANNED in America??”

  1. Hey I live in the u.s. and I disagree with my president on this it's not the video games that are causing these people to snap are first and second amendment rights are under attack they happy I dropped the ball they had proof that this guy was not stable they refuse to take them in and have a psychiatric evaluation they can hold him for 72 hours without charging them enough time to figure out whether he has all his marbles or not. I was telling my wife after the Las Vegas shooting watch two to three months later we're going to have another one and sure enough we did there's a certain pattern too many shootings they want to have the shootings to try to change the law and disarm American people so what are they do they they target schools to tug at the American people Hearts to the band weapons that's so far from the truth.

  2. I swear this argument is about as stupid as saying that all family animated cartoon films that come from Disney, Dreamworks Don Bluth or whatever or Spielberg are made strictly for kids and if your an adult watching it you should kill yourself argument cartoon films are made for everyone video games don’t kill people people kill people im here in the UK we have strict gun laws I go to a gun club and I shoot .22 and 44 under lever carbines and I play gta read dead redemption and I have never ever and will never have the idea to take that rifle and aim it and start shooting people or steal a car seriously like i said if you believe video games cause violence or like i said again that all family cartoon films are strictly made for kids then YOUR A FUCKING IDIOT AND SHOULD GET A LIFE.

  3. Donald Trump, just too lazy to do his job as a president. I love playing soccer and I'm not a professional soccer player. I did retired from GTA games coz too many little 3years old kids playing that game.

  4. Violent video games are the latest trend. In the 80's to early nineties it was the heavy metal that did it. Despite studies showing that the relation between video games and violence in the real world is linked through antisocial behaviour and other mental health issues they'll always point to something to fear monger because it makes those fanatical people happy. I played goldeneye007 since 2004 and have rarely played anything other than shooters. A few racing games here or there but that's when I made a call that I didn't want the temptation to stay up all night trying to beat myself at my highest star streak in GTA V. I don't get violent very often and when I do, it's because my family or loved one is in danger of getting seriously hurt. That's really the only time I'm angry or violent.

    As for the shooter being violent because of an arcade game. Bull. And every shooter is an arcade game so don't start all those "ARMA IS REALISTIC FGGT" tryhards. You get shot once irl you will feel it. You will drop depending on the calibre of round and you will take 6-8 months recovering from a surgery. Not take 15 rounds and be okay to run at them like an idiot and then finally get put down.

    Games don't cause violence themselves. It's other factors that cause it, the game can be suggestive at best argument wise. But that questions individual moral or ethics. Not social values and interactions or recent tests on the perpetrators psyche.

  5. Champ really hate to be that guy but it's not super easy to get a gun in America. You can't walk in and walk out with a guy lickity split. That dosent happen. You might come here and try to buy a gun before you say it's easy…

  6. I don't understand this at all. Maybe there's a psychological thing to it, if we think deep about video games…but if you're feeling frustrated or a little froggy, video games tell you to leap and stop being a pussy.

  7. Be honest I hate the Fed hear America everything has to be blamed on something other than what it should be so another words bother video games has nothing to do with people going out doing Mass shooting it is the NRA and government who are not doing Supposed to do for the people here in the United States so another words always tell my nephew's growing up you can't distinguish fantasy from reality you should not be playing video games so I will put it in the words of the second Amendment the right the bear arms is not being a people that have a lot of guns it should be about having the right to protect ones home family property and livestock and I'll government don't understand that they were rather have weapons that are military grade out in the street so that you have it.

  8. About the title…. Uh NO! The courts will drop that shit like a bad habit under the Supreme Court's decision years ago that video games are protected by the 1st amendment. He wants to do something about it they need to change shit also in the 2nd amendment as a price to pay.

    In which none of those will happen even with the one Justice right now under Trump's pocket. (I don't remember if it got nominated to take that place)

  9. To some what of a degree I get it as to some what of a degree games I do believe that they do contribute to these idiot people to do these idiot things, but not all of it is down to violent games or violent movies they are imo only partly to blaim as is the Internet with all these Allah jahadie based sites who poison peoples minds to do all these thing but to try and ban em out right is a bit too drastical of a reason.

  10. The reason a lot of games were banned in Australia is because there was no R18+ rating for video games. They finally introduced this R18+ rating for video games and that why a lot violent games that would previously have been banned are now allowed here.

  11. Lol just what we need, an Australian talking about gun rights. Australians had their guns taken away because no one had the courage or backbone to stand up for their right to defend themselves. DON’T TREAD ON ME.

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