28 thoughts on “Violence, Video Games, and Venezuela”

  1. Wait, wait, wait. Matt Coleville. As in the dude who makes video games and is Kickstarting a d&d supplement? He admitted he was a socialist? Who hates yet works for a corporation? That MC? The one who seemingly thinks the military is full of idiots who are paid too much?

  2. Hey troy great video.
    Just wondering would you do a video talking about your view on kingdom come deliverance and about your thoughts on what feminist/ SJW think about it being historically accurate.

  3. Watch Abby Martin's report on Venezuala… it's not anything like the American media's saying. There are papers that are calling for the American government to remove Maduro's on the front fucking page, tell me how that's 'censorship'.

    Fake news. It's under siege by right wing extreme capitalist interests that want to turn it into a playground for the wealthy.

  4. Pac-Man gave me and eating disorder.
    ET made me jump into random holes.
    Amidar made me only able to paint in squares.
    Various games made me cover behind walls or trees, or pick randomly discarded food off the ground in order to replenish my health whenever I got sick or hurt.
    And Baldur's Gate taught me that praying indeed do heal you if the others fail…
    Seriously, though, having played video games for most of my 48 years, I'm sick and tired of people (left or right) attacking games and gamers for political expediency.
    Games have always been under attack for one thing or the other by political hacks, and gamers have been deemed violent, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, socially deficient misfits. Since this has been going on for almost 40 years now, I don't see it going away any time soon… sadly.

  5. Well,I think at this point,Trump is known for his "4D chess" maneuvers. So I'm hopeful his recent "video games cause violence" stance is just another example of him embarassing the left as being quite willing to do or say anything to oppose him. He's supposedly taking a meeting with some people to discuss video games,including a couple of developers. He generally seems to be open minded,tho,so I'm not too worried.

    But in the end,we must always be on the look out for censorship. It's always going to be an issue. From two bit con artists like Anita to well meaning but misguided people who join those church groups who want to censor something because it's "the tool of satan". So in the end,this stuff comes from the left and the right and we have to defend against all of it.

    But what I always wonder is how anyone can close their eyes to the long track record of back stabbing,lying,cheating,mass murdering dictatorships that socialism has and declare it's "a good idea".

  6. If anything, violent video games reduce actual violence, providing an outlet for typical male aggression that is suppressed by society.
    I'm not saying that men are aggressive, just that they are slightly more aggressive than women, and that the accepted outlets for that energy, for those not lucky enough to get into the blood sport known as Hand Egg, are few and far between.

  7. I'm from and living in Venezuela, socialism and similar ideas are a cancer, the worst of the worst, I make more money playing LoL or other videogames than working 8 hours, a kid murder his dad with they own steel drumbells near my house, for drug money… this is the result of the left thinking, DON'T VOTE LEFT, EVER, NO EXCEPTIONS.

  8. I live in Peru and I notice a shit ton of people with Venezuelan accent working in small pay jobs. Then I realice that a lot of Venezuelans are coming to different parts of the continent. like you can expect a lot of Peruvians are not happy with the Venezuelans and a lot of Venezuelans are ungrateful. so the problem of Venezuela are affecting another country's. Funny enough Maduro claims that he is going to Peru. And the president of Peru says that if he comes here he hopes that Venezuelans living here show their regards.

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