Top 10 – Upcoming games 2018

Top 10 – Upcoming games 2018. The year is almost over and what a great gaming year it has been. However we are already looking at all the gaming goodness the future has in store for us. In this video we take a look at the most awesome games that are coming out next year. Here is our top 10 upcoming games of 2018!


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23 thoughts on “Top 10 – Upcoming games 2018”

  1. Also State of Decay 2. The first one was truly an excellent zombie survival base-building RPG simulator, and I can't wait to have a more polished, multiplayer version
    I'm very hyped for it!

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  3. honeslty i think at this point rockstar is overated af and red dead 2 looks pretty fucking boring from what i see in the trailers just cause it looks like it wants to be really realistic and imo i want games to be unrealistic, unless its a fucking simulator cause i like some ofthose too, but im not too hyped about red dead 2 also the graphics look really plain and not exciting at all for it being a 2018 release there are much better looking open world games

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