Free PS Plus Games Announced: May 2018 | PS4, PS3, Vita | Full PlayStation Plus Lineup

The free PS Plus games for May 2018 have been announced for PS4, PS3, and Vita — and we’ve got the full PlayStation Plus lineup for you. In anticipation for Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls is the flagship PS4 game. It’s accompanied by the excellent co-op platformer Rayman Legends. Then on PS3 you’ll get Risen 3: Titan Lords and Eat Them!, while PS Vita will score the addictive Furmins. All three platforms, meanwhile, will net King Oddball. Happy with these?

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48 thoughts on “Free PS Plus Games Announced: May 2018 | PS4, PS3, Vita | Full PlayStation Plus Lineup”

  1. Of course it must be games that I have even in digital format, so this month, nothing free games will get you.You have ps plus games when they give me constantly the ones I have and I always pay for two years a subscription for anything and have raised the price ps plus subscriptions so they could have done that if I got that game in digital format and can not sell it to give us another game over 2 years old, because we're dumbfounded for ps plus free games we have them in digital format. we should make for us that we already have games purchased in digital format that we can substitute for something else.

  2. I'm very happy. Even though I already own Rayman I've been wanting beyond 2 souls for ps4.

    It got a lot of stick but I liked it on PS3 so to get to replay it is a bonus

  3. I have so many games. Most of the games I already have. Last month had both ps4 games. This month only rayman legends I don't have on ps4. But have on other systems. So ps plus another disappointment for me. Even thought it is a decent month. B2S is a weird but decent attempt of another heavy rain type of experience.

  4. I'm actually hyped about this months PS4 line up. I traded Beyond Two Souls and Rayman Legends for 60% bonus credit when I upgraded to PS4, so I'll be able to get those plats for free now. Saweeeeeet!

  5. Not played any of the games mentioned. B2S looks interesting so will park it in my library when it becomes available. No PSVR offering next month is a shame but I get the feeling that Sony is more than happy with the plethora of shovelware that is on offer to buy on the platform. As an early adopter I’m concerned PSVR will go they way of the vita despite a better than expected first eighteen months.

  6. Not great selection by any means but i suppose 2 souls will have to do until next month. Whatever happens to the Vr games as part of ps4 offers? Would have loved GOW 3 remastered considering the current hype cheers

  7. Beyond Two Souls is a stellar choice with Detroit Become Human just around the corner, Rayman Legends is also a good choice for a more family friendly title, the others I can take or leave though

  8. I never got around to playing beyond two souls so Im actually not mad about this lineup of games. The other games I will put in my library but probably will never play.

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