Activision Isn’t Making Games Anymore

Activision is the biggest third-party publisher in the world. With Destiny and Call of Duty bringing in the big bucks, do they really need to do any more? Will this rub onto other publishers too? The industry is in this money-hungry state at the moment, and is it about to get worse?

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37 thoughts on “Activision Isn’t Making Games Anymore”

  1. THANK GOD spyro is coming soon cause i swear if it wasent already being made or had the potential to sell like crash did or perhaps better, we wouldn't get spyro back.. cant speak for more spyro or crash games later but im glad the golden 3 of spyro ans crash are almost both in my loving hands!

  2. This is just the turn around point, remember back when the gaming industry kicked off, developers popped in and out of existance. Activision I think spawned off ex-Atari employees that were fed up with Atari's bullsh*t. Now they have become a company that they would have despised back in the 80s.

    However the Indie scene is really picking up, there are some great new concepts in this scene. And its similar to what happened in the past. People getting fed up with the greed of big AAA studios, so they make their own games.

    My point… is all big developers will go this way, or go bust. They need to make huge profits to keep shareholders happy and to keep the guys in suits on the top floor in a life they are accustomed too. The actual team that make the games maybe passionate, but they are being forced like sheep to slaughter to do whatever they can to make the game profitable.

    Most true indie developers, yes want to make some money on their work, but then they put a lot of effort into their games. They will interact with the community to fix issues and tweak gameplay. They will care for it. Of course you do have some creators who have learnt that you can make a gem game clone and put micro-transactions in it for a quick buck but they are just AAA wannabes.

    Its a shame really. But it gives more power to the indie devs.

  3. To me Activision died when it started killing off Tony hawk. Thug was their last great title.

    I love zombies but I don't credit Activision for that success. That's reserved for trearch team. Black ops 1 and 2, 3 was ok but I think I'm over the call of duty franchise.

  4. People need to stop buying games that feature micro transactions (especially the ones that involved game affecting loot like weapons or getting the loot is impossible without paying) . Vote with your wallets people otherwise you're going to pay 60 plus 100s for micro transactions to get a full game experience that was previously obtainable with 60.

  5. It's called being a publisher. Also, Activision themselves didn't make the original CoD, that was Infinity Ward. It's the same as say… "Sony isn't making games any more," but failing to realize Santa Monica Studio IS Sony. I know WhatCulture Gaming was making a point, but you don't know wtf you are talking about. This just reminds me why I unsubbed. Garbage news.

  6. Activision started out looooong before Tony Hawk & Call of Duty, releasing games through the early 80s and beyond, just because it wasn't in your lifetime doesn't mean it didn't happen, not to mention the fact that you're a gaming channel and surely you should know such things?

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