Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers Full Game Highlights / Game 5 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

🏀Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers Full Game Highlights / Game 5

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28 thoughts on “Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers Full Game Highlights / Game 5 / 2018 NBA Playoffs”

  1. 8:02 Oladipo's wrist hit the rubber on the underside of the backboard with ball in hand, forcing him to release the ball and flip it up an inch or two inches in front of the glass. Clean block.

  2. Silence the critics, people dislike this man just because he LeBron. He comes out and play hard every game, never got into any trouble but yet people still hate on him. I don't get it. He definitely gives back to the community too. Even though he won the series the haters still gonna find something bad to say, no matter what, Tee Grizzly say it best when it comes to LeBron, "I know you prayed on my downfall"!!!!!! LMAO

  3. You can’t fart on a player anymore and you get a foul. Le Bitch James does the same exact fucking thing every time and nobody can touch them because they call a foul. The NBA is becoming a joke.

  4. err….. cavs are going home!!!! Aka fishin? all great things have to come to an end. lebron run should end game 7. he has an absolute garbage team and they wont deserve to win any more games. they will be bulldozed even if they advanced. one of the saddest roster lbj has ever been. But it is much to his own doing. TT trailer park,LANCE is not a finished product, hood and clerkson are soft, JR washed up, KORVER and CAULDERON OLD, HILL always injured, green is no GSW green and LOVE is lost. this is beyond sad. I do not even know how to react.
    pacers got all the calls in the world in game 6 but that does not rule out how pathetically cavs played in an elimination game. they showed no heart and that is very very sad.

    kyrie screwed one and all-including himself.
    lues coaching should end next game–should they lose.
    they have to trade one and all and try to get davis, pg to join lbj and a solid bench. trade one and all but unless lebron takes a cut it is impossible to have a quality roster.

    or lbj need to join some winning team. he deserves better. but with him demanding 40 mill at his age. it is impossible to get a quality bench and supporting cast like OKC found out.

    you will only get quality players if you draft. GSW drafted 3 stars, hence they could spend 30 mil to get a star like KD. cavs bought trash trading trash.

    other than taking mindless 3's they cant do anything else. there is no innner game and ball movement.

    LOVE,JR,TT,HILL,HOOD,CLERKSON all needs to go!

    lebron needs to drop 60 to pull this one off. it is that dire.

    And sadly whole world wanna see lbj fall. so it is tough even for a king!

  5. hey, give Indiana credit, beautiful defense, LeBron didn't shoot the best in the first three quarters, due to defense, stop giving LeBron a bj, he stepping up, in certain games

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