Game Room Tour 2018 | 25+ Consoles & Systems | 2800+ Video Games | Mr. Weaverface

FINALLY! It is here. The game room is cleaned up…so let the Mr. Weaverface 2018 Video Game Room Tour BEGIN! Please SUBSCRIBE!

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15 thoughts on “Game Room Tour 2018 | 25+ Consoles & Systems | 2800+ Video Games | Mr. Weaverface”

  1. Commodore 64 1:06
    Gaming Setups, Current and Retro 5:38
    Nintendo DS & 3DS 8:15
    Super Nintendo (SNES) 9:22
    Sega Genesis 12:45
    Nintendo Wii 14:15
    XBOX 14:45
    Nintendo (NES) 16:40
    Sega Master System 23:12
    Playstation 2 (PS2) 24:05
    Playstation Portable (PSP) 27:07
    Atari 2600 & 7800 28:29
    Playstation 3 (PS3) 29:45
    Playstation Vita (PSVita) & Playstation 4 (PS4) 32:56
    XBOX 360 35:46
    Nintendo Power, Strategy Guides, Comics, Famicom 37:12
    Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance (GBA) 39:07
    Nintendo 64 (N64) 40:15
    Nintendo Gamecube 44:50
    Playstation (PSX, PS1) 46:02
    Turbografx 16 (TG16) 48:15
    Sega Dreamcast, Saturn & Sega CD 48:45
    Boxed Game Boy Advance (GBA) 49:49

  2. Like the collection man. Nice work. Had a question about ur shelves. The one with the boxed NES and loose NES, where did u get that from? I need a new one for my game room. One game on Sega that I think is a must have for a collector and player is Alisia Dragoon. Definitely worth checking out.

  3. already watched a lot of your videos in the past but apparently never subscribed! fixed that! 😉 awesome game room bro! fele free to check out some of my stuff as well if ya want 😀

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