Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – Official Gameplay Trailer

Learn more about the upcoming Harry Potter mobile game in this trailer for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

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37 thoughts on “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – Official Gameplay Trailer”

  1. I played this game and choose the house that I wanted to be in and that is Ravenclaw, after that, I took the quiz and it said that I'm actually a Ravenclaw, lol I choose the right house.

  2. I wish some game developers would make a REAL game for mobile gamers i'm not even a mobile gamer i'm more of a PC gamer but i still would love to see a actual game on a phone without energy and microtransactions for once with open world and more things to do :/ which if that ever happen the game wouldn't even be free but it would be worth it since the game wouldn't require you to spend up real cash just for energy and coins all of this crazy stuff just to try to complete a certain task or mission which is disrespectful that most mobile gamers that never had a console or PC would probably never really get to experience a actual real game without it always involving microtransactions. And to even complete a game on a mobile app it would require you to use up all your energy or get to a certain level then even when you get to a certain level you got to pay diamonds and lots of cash to get certain things you want and once you lose a lot of in game money then it takes time time make up half that in game money back which the game would want to pressure you into doing more tasks which require energy and if your out of energy it would make you wait hours to gain a full bar of energy back unless you spend up real money to gain more energy back.

  3. I’ve been waiting for a Harry Potter game where you can make your own character to live in the world, but I do have some “issues” with the game (issues meaning things I lightly dislike):

    • I’m not in the same year/age range as the golden trio (and my other fav characters ex the twins)

    • the energy aspect of the game is really annoying and I wish I could at least watch ads to gain back energy quicker or buy the app and have unlimited range to the storyline.

    • I wish they made this a computer game with fleshed our chapters (I’d pay some big money for a Harry Potter game wink wink nudge *nudge*). I would’ve also loved a Sims style game (with the needs being a small part of the game of course).

    But who knows. This little app might be the start to something bigger

  4. This Game is So Broken.

    The Amount of Connection Lost's are Bullshit.
    Also, you're not given enough Energy or Gems to continue.

    I'm up to like part 8 in the first year and it Honestly WONT let me continue.

    Fix This Game Jam City Inc!!!!!

  5. Don't bother with this game. Pay walls every couple minutes, energy runs out stupidly fast, and without paying you're waiting an or two for energy to replenish. Story quest are locked behind timers(3 hrs.) though you can get around that by paying money. Seriously, unless the patience of a zen master don't bother. Otherwise, you're gonna spend a lot of money for about 1 minute of gameplay.

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